Oques Grasses
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Oques Grasses

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Pop Reggae




"Oques d'estiu (Summer Oques)"

Their music explores absurdity with shamelessness and youthful freshness, but my favourite summer song is one from their second album that has blue endings “Finals blaus”. It starts out unequivocally far from any compromises: “On top of a free stone you can see the world...”. It follows with what seems like an accommodating vision of reality: “ Conspiring like flies in this bum of a world. I know everything is as it is and that we are all as we are...” After the accumulation of onomatopoeia the Oques vocalist usually fills the his lyrics with, he sings: “Whatwhatwhatwhat will we do? (Eeeh?) We'll do what we can”. Besides shaking their hips and repeating whatwhatwhatwhat's and yesyesyesyes's, the dancing audience doesn't need any more evidence to believe that “Finals blaus” is any different from such a refreshing song like “Sexy”.
But suddenly, a cloud appears in the horizon: “A cloud is coming back again to annoy. It will rain for all of us except for them. What if we want to carry on? We'll stop all of their blows with a paper umbrella”. Them? Who are they? Who are these people who are striking against singer's paper umbrellas? According to the title of the album (“digue-n’hi com vulguis”, which means “Call it what you want”), each of us can imagine the striker we prefer. However, the song leads to a climatic chorus, which, if we strip it from its context and reggae music (Don't be bothered. Go straight to Spotify and listen to the whole song as you finish reading this column), we can see that it could appear in any protest song. Let's read it, preferably with the soundtrack in the background: “ The country is not asking us to be quiet or to do nothing. We have to take these demons' power away, yes. We have to take these demons' power away. We won't let them take away our principles, no. We will wait for their end, yes. We won't let them take away our principles, no. We will wait for their blue endings”. The fact that a group with such crazy aesthetic assumptions like Oques Grasses will explicit this kind of message in one of their summer songs proves once again that we are living in a time of change. - Màrius Serra, La Vanguardia

"Oques Grasses"

Within little time and some help of a recipe that blends reggae, rock and delirious pop, Oques grasses have become a real phenomenon which has already overcome the boundaries of central Catalonia. Their songs have thousands of views on YouTube and their calendar of concerts has not stopped growing ever since they started out in 2012. - Enderrock, Roger Palà

"Oques Grasses"

Their fully-booked agenda proves that they have many reasons to sing to happiness. Today they are playing in a festival in Wales, they will soon be performing in New York, they will be opening the “Grec” festival and will also be playing in the “Canet Rock” festival. Their ability to engage with the public is obvious and, given that their natural territory is in local festivals and open air venues, their flawless performance in 'Barts Club' verified that they can also pull it off in small format environments. - El Periodico, Jordi Bianciotto


Still working on that hot first release.



Call as you want what is all happening to you, the things can be one way or another
according to the importance you give them. The words and actions describing what is
happening to us are in charge of making conscious the others of it, and as well us by
the way. Everyone is here for the same thing, and everyone is living it as a different
way. Even the bonsai ninjas.

Everything could be not much and not much could be everything, just like the goose
said ; you can genuinely live your life or just let the things fading. We could cross over
the world hopping on one leg to get it, and we would even do the crossing again if on
the arrival someone told us to do it again ; or we could passing our life throwing stones
on airplanes.

Beautiful things are beyond us and we have been alive every mornings. By acting
without even thinking, you can reach a result you had even not imagined. Everyday,
we will do what we can do, doing what we like, and nothing, nearly nothing, nearly
nothing more, we will be.

Letâ₏™s the beginnings never end. 

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