Ora music is made with Guitars, Keyboards, catchy rock melodies with beautiful voices. Much of the song writing is done both from life experiences and situations in general both from an inside and outside perspective.


Ora is a 5-piece Pop/Rock band based in Essex UK. Ora is fronted by sisters Joanna and Natalie Jones and the band has been drawn together from diverse musical backgrounds and features musicians with a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Ora’s music is made with guitars, keyboards, catchy rock melodies with beautiful voices. Joanna and Natalie previously spent 5 years in Australia writing and creating a huge bank of original material. It was here they won the ‘Live Music sponsored by Jack Daniels’ competition as well as supporting some great acts and accumulating a large fan base. Prior to returning to the UK the girls had the chance to support some talented acts with session bands where the draft material was very well received.  They have now returned to the UK to create a great band.
Much of the song writing is inspired from life experiences and situations both from an insider and outsider perspective. Joanna and Natalie have brought their material back to the other side of the Globe and are now playing the live scene with Ora.

With a brand new band line up, a wealth of original fantastic material, Ora look forward to taking the UK music scene by storm!


Secrets In The Dark
I Scare Myself
Hey Now
Somethin' Outta Nothin'
Kiss My Lips

Set List

1. A Kiss Goodnight
2. Something Outta Nothing
3. Hey Now
4. Just call Me Bad
5. Monsters
6. Feels Like Heaven
7. Second Time Around
8. Temporary Bruise
9. Kiss My Lips
10. I Scare Myself
11. After All This Time
12. Secrets in the Dark
13. Twisted in My Mind
14. I'm Gonna Miss You
15. Falling Over You
16. If I Do or Don't
17. Sunshine All The Time
18. Here Comes The Weekend