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"Local band makes good"

Seven songs from local rock group Orange's 2003 self-titled CD are part of the soundtrack for two episodes of a new Discovery Channel series.

"Urban Explorers" will take viewers on tours of "lost relics of America's cultural and industrial past," said associate producer Jake Laufer of Hoggart Films, which has sold the series to Discovery.

Laufer said Orange got the deal because producers "were looking for music with an edgy excitement and a nontraditional indie-rock sort of vibe."

Producers also wanted music from bands in cities featured on the series, and Orange seemed to the Virginia-based company to have a Chicago sound. The episode filmed in Chicago explores underground freight tunnels and the Uptown Theatre, built in 1925 and empty since 1981.

"We're trying to cast light on these forgotten places," Laufer said, "before redevelopment takes them." Tracks from the Orange album also made their way into an episode on Buffalo, N.Y.

"We were pretty excited," Orange vocalist-guitarist Paul Church said of the deal in which the band earns a not-so-astounding $500. "The fact that we're still getting mileage out of the CD is great, and we can add 'soundtrack' to beef up the old resume."

Orange's other members are Ryan Boyce and Jim Westin Jr.

Church responded to an Internet request for submissions and was surprised that a Rockford band beat out the Chicago competition.

"I told them: 'We're from Rockford. We're a good 90 miles from Chicago. They said: 'That's fine.'"

"Urban Explorers" won't start airing until May or June. Orange's most recent local show was Thursday, March 31, at Kryptonite in downtown Rockford.

Mark Bonne's column runs Fridays and other times on a need-to-know basis. He's a new fan of Orange and an old fan of McWilliams. Reach him at or 815-987-1389.
- Rockford Register Star

"Orange adds color to local music scene"

Orange adds color to local music scene

By Caroline Rohner

Most new bands are not strong enough to cross musical genres and create an original sound of their own. Then again, most bands aren’t named Orange.
The group includes four Rockford-area musicians who joined forces in November 2001 after playing in various cover bands. Paul Church takes care of the guitar work while Ryan Boyce mans the bass and Jim Westin Jr. controls the keyboards. Drummer Pat Clark holds them together and every member contributes vocals.

Orange’s recently released self-titled CD not only showcases the impressive talents of each individual, but also establishes its unique and innovative sound. With every song, the band continually transcends musical boundaries, but still manages to produce a cohesive record. On “My Latest Fix” the group drifts from piano rock to melodic jazz before ending with a southern rock vibe.

Despite such diversity, Orange consistently crafts a relaxed, almost hypnotic atmosphere on several tracks including “Fall Away” and “Lazy Summer” with smooth harmonies and thought-provoking lyrics. The band’s greatest strength, however, is evident on “Never As Easy,” which features an effects-laden guitar solo. They occasionally incorporate effects to enhance their music, but do not rely on them to conceal deficiencies. Orange’s clear channel approach is a nice change of pace compared to the many distorted, power chord dependent acts that clutter mainstream music.

Orange has been steadily gaining fans with their dynamic style. They received the 2003 RAMI (Rockford Area Music Industry) award for the best “Jam Band.”
- Rock River Times

"Album review from Beetcafe"

Orange - Orange © 2003

Reviewed by Gregory C. Johnson

This self titled first release by Orange is a unique musical experience that stirs up memories of some of the great "jam" bands of the '70s. As you move through the tracks on the CD, you can't help but be reminded of some of the great songs from that era such as "Closer to Home" by Grand Funk Railroad or the classic keyboard sounds of Deep Purple. Their sound is a refreshing change from the mainstream of today's music.

The CD has 12 tracks of original compositions presented in the format of the LP's of long ago. When you play the CD you can hear the "snap", "crackle" and "pop" that would accompany the placing of the turntable needle on your favorite vinyl. The CD is "split" into two "sides" to complete the album concept. This is really a cool effect. Well at least it is for those of us that still own some vinyl.

So what about the music? Is Orange just a '70s nostalgia style band? They are definitely not. The group's compositions pull from many styles of music. Orange takes you on a musical ride through soft acoustic chords and keyboard melodies to funky bass/drum rhythms to lively electric guitar leads. It would be hard to classify Orange into one musical category. Maybe we need to create a new one; "rock fusion"?

"Orange" is a great first effort by the band. For those that like good rock and roll with a funky flair then Orange is definitely worth a listen.
- Gregory C. Johnson

"Orange is the..."

Orange is the best jam band in Rockford that you might not have heard of yet. Their CD is great. Someone loaded their first release into the rotation and it never got yanked because it did not suck. I listened to it for weeks without knowing who the band was...After hearing the CD a bunch of times; I started asking "Who is this?" We'd all debate it without checking into it and finally settled on it must be some kind of jam band compilation that someone burned for us. The first song or two sounds sort of like the Black Crowes but there's also some jams that I thought was Moe. Anyway, I heard all my favorite songs from that CD coming from the City Stage at On the Waterfront and discovered that CD was not a compilation of unknown songs from a bunch of my favorite jam bands, it was Orange! Check this band out...not only are they all talented musicians, they’re a great bunch of guys, too! 

Karen - Minglewood Mailing List


Orange-Orange LP
Neo-Farsic Records 2003
Discovery Channel original series "Urban Explorers" aires on 4/13/05 using 7 tracks from the 'Orange' LP
"Urban Explorers" the DVD Soundtrack featuring Orange


Feeling a bit camera shy


It is easy to tell after hearing Orange that these three individuals were meant to play together. Their musical style is not easily defined by any one genre of music. As of yet, it has been best described as Rock Fusion.

All three members of the band are involved in the singing and songwriting process. Their songs are constructed upon a firm foundation of vocal harmonies, varying guitar tones and textures, melodic bass playing, and tasteful keyboard parts. They combine elements of upbeat rock, blues, funk, jazz, acoustic balladry, tempered with some pop sensibilities. The sonic results are always melodic, moving, and soulful. Dig it? As a live unit, they have played a mixture of their original songs and cover tunes at many clubs and outdoor festivals throughout the Midwest during the past three years.

Orange produced their self-titled debut CD and released it independently in July 2003. The album offers listeners 12 tracks of original music and features each member’s song writing and vocal contributions. In the spring of 2003, they played for cable television audiences on Ground Level. Orange received the 2003 RAMI (Rockford Area Music Industry) award for best 'Jam Band' was a winner in the 2003 & 2004 Best of Rockford competition, won the 2004 RAMI for best 'Jam Band' as well as the 2004 RAMI Critics Choice 'Award for Album' of the Year. Currently they are working on their second full length CD, which is scheduled for release sometime in 2005.

After listening to Orange, it is evident that their original music is a refreshing change of pace from other acts that seem to occupy today’s soundscape.