Orange Collection

Orange Collection


Orange Collection is an "Urban Rock band" soulfully combining big beats, big guitars, big bass, while singing their asses off ! Setting the musical scene for a timeless song is their strength. Their feel good sound takes you to a place of heart and truth that truly can't be denied, Please welcome OC


In summer 2007 in the uniquely artistic barrios of Portland Oregon. What began as a near phone call would put together one of Portland’s finest original and most colorful rock bands. Orange Collection consists of four individuals that truly bring back to rock music what has been missing for sometime and that is personal character along with the talent . What makes Orange Collection, “OC” to their fans, so amazing is their ability to write such crafted timeless songs and the fact that they attract an audience so broad that they are truly the next “Big Thing” to come out of Portland. Since their release “ Stay on the line” in August 2008 it was straight out the gates for OC with a busy summer gig schedule and opportunities very abundant. Even prior to their release with not even a demo, they would joke on riding their charm so far by booking several larger venues with national and local favorites as well. They are the guys that you really can’t deny. Fans love them for their original blend of urban rock and their positive feel good vibe. Venues love them for their ability to pack their house. What more could you ask for? Let’s meet the band!

Vocalist guitarist Sean-Michael delivers such a connection , such a grace and conviction to his intelligent lyrics and urban singing style, that one can only be amazed in awe as he sings in raw R&B style over big rock guitars. He is nothing short of the great singers he has followed and admired in his years. He has such a smooth truly gifted spirit with a confident soul that offers his listener a peek at real life through the voice of an confident onlooker.

Drummer “ Suga Shane”is what every band wished they had in a drummer. He plays with pure passion, dynamics, and girth. He takes his chops from his inner natural talent lending such a defined groove that signatures his sound like rock drummers should have. When in action you can’t help but keep your eyes on his gig as he maintains such a laid back, wise and ambitious sound . Shane loves that old 72 Slingerland and big drum appeal and unlike your typical drummer he also has a gifted ability to arrange and pull the best from each song. He is the drummer that every band needs.

Bass player Jeremy Slater is that guy you can‘t help but love. Always a smile and always a hook. His sound is raw, huge, and real. He has that big classic tone and just sends you into that chill state like a bass player should. His ability to put bass back in the mix is what makes him gifted. Baselines are his cocktail and the audience is always drunk on this cat.

Jackson “Jaxx” Conrad is the classic lead guitarist! Priding himself on his tone and textures to lend he is the icing on cake. Solid, articulate, and powerful are a few words to describe such a talent. He is grizzly and he is bad ass! He is original and redefining in his sound and licks. He is the non vocal big voice in OC. When you see this guy play you stay on edge wondering what it is he has up his sleeve next. Jaxx is a legend in the making and he backs it up on that 6 string all the way…………..

Be sure to keep your eyes on Orange Collection and follow such and epic band. You could get a chance to discover the next big thing that plans to build their career in the music world on pure truth, talent and love for what they do best…..and that is ROCK!


Orange Collection has one 9 song album titled "Stay on The Line." Recorded and released in the summer of 2008. Orange Collection's music is currently available exclusively through myspace snocap. They are currently in the works of a radio/marketing campaign and spring tour.

Set List

Orange Collection's typical setlist consists of 11 songs. Their current album and new songs as they come. Covers to date our such of Michael Jackson,Paula Abdul,Rolling Stones to name a few. They love to put the OC spin on any track!