Orange Disaster

Orange Disaster

 São Paulo, São Paulo, BRA

Purveyors of the original Post-Crossover Soul sound; we play loud.


We all have our dayjobs and also got other bands a lil' less insane than this. We got together in 2007 to play "louder", "faster", "groovier" and "limitlesslier" than on our other bands, in a desperate attempt to overcome the very non-tropical boredom of a stressful existence in São Paulo (Brazil). We did some "very low fi" recordings. To our surprise, most of it worked out very fine. We then decided to share our songs with the big world outside, so we could get very agressive negative reviews, lose some of our friends and leave a trail of deaf kids behind us on our live acts. We work on the process of turning the raw petrol of our original performances on refined high performance gasoline, so that everyone can drink it and die choking. But with style. Wait for your cup, it will come earlier than you think.


-"Demo '07" (EP, Independent, 2007)

-"We Will Conform! 11 Steps to Reach Happiness" (LP, SubFolk, 2011)

-"The Christmas EP" (Online EP, Independent, 2012)

-"Baturité" (Vinyl 7", SubFolk, 2013)