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Orange Grove

The Hague, South Holland, Netherlands | Established. Jan 01, 2000 | SELF

The Hague, South Holland, Netherlands | SELF
Established on Jan, 2000
Band Pop Reggae




"Commercial radio station Irie Radio 98.1 loves Orange Grove"

We love it guys! We've been spinning your songs ever since the first album and will continue to play you here in Ocean City Maryland! - Irie Radio 98.1 FM

"Local heroes of St Maarten"

"Orange Grove is obviously out there making a name for themselves and for St Maarten. As a St Maartener I must say, along with many others, I am very proud of what these guys are doing! This latest album of theirs "Fingerprint" is being played nonstop here at the office!" - The Daily Herald St Maarten


"All the songs are strong and tough, and at the same time chill and cool, ideal beach music for a burning hot Summer." (OOR)
*translated from Dutch
- OOR (Dutch music magazine)

"BJ Penn (MMA Legend) loves Fingerprint"

"I like this album man. I would also like to use one of your songs in my next video blog so let me know if that's cool" - BJ Penn

"The Perfect Album For The Summer"

"The perfect album for the Summer.." (Veronica Magazine)
*translated from Dutch - Veronica Magazine

"Garret Dutton aka G-LOVE"

"hey mike--- what up man yeah we listened a bunch and we really dug it man theres some real nice tracks on there!" - Garrett Dutton (G-Love) -

"Marie Claire NL"

"While listening to Fingerprint, don't be surprised if you suddenly get the urge for tapas and cocktails on the beach."
(Marie Claire)
*translated from Dutch - Marie Claire magazine


-Genuine Origins (2007)

-Some Live Stuff (2008)
-Fingerprint (2009)

-Raw and Unpeeled (2012)

-These Days (2007)
-Cryin (2008)
-White Daisy (2009)
-You Decide It (2009)
-Feel That Fire (2010)
-Some Things Last Forever (2012)

-When I Return (2013)

-Ready For It, remixed by Bob Sinclar (2014)


-Orange Grove LIVE at the Sint Maarten Heineken Regatta 2011

songs which have had commercial radio air-play in the Netherlands:
-These Days (Genuine Origins 2007)
-You Decide It (Fingerprint 2009)
-White Daisy (Fingerprint 2009)
-Some Things Last Forever (single release 2012)

-When I Return

On the islands Sint Maarten, Aruba, St Barths, Anguilla and Curacao many of their songs receive daily airplay on local radio.

Official videoclips for the songs "These Days", "White Daisy", "Feel That Fire" and "Haffi Fall Down" as well as live videos and interviews have aired on a few of the most popular Dutch music television shows as well as local TV in the Caribbean including the popular music channel Tempo

Songs have been used in one feature film, The Panman: Rhythm of Palms. The song "hurtin" was used in an Austrian mobile phone commercial and already a few surf documentaries with a few more on the way are featuring Orange Grove's music. Some of their songs will also be featured in the highly anticipated Children of the Wind documentary which is currently playing at select film festivals around the world and will be released on DVD in the beginning of 2013



Orange Grove for the Soul

Orange Grove has been around, through ups and downs, in leaps and bounds...Always laying down that wicked sound and pound for pound the number one challenger in the underground. You dig?

Coming from one of the smallest dots on the world globe with the biggest heart, the Saint Maarten-bred band Orange Grove (OG) wants to move more than peoples bodies; OG infiltrates the mind,body and spirit. They are  bringing the Caribbean vibes to the colder capitals of the world and injecting more heart to the warmer ones (however much thats possible).

Charismatic singer Michael Maidwell and close friend (and guitarist) Jacob Streefkerk formed the group in 2001. What started as a hip-hop group turned into one of the most unique blend of sounds to come out of the Caribbean. OGs music is a melting pot of everything they love: traces of rock, hip-hop and reggae are splattered all over their sound. For more than 10 years they have continued to expand their fanbase from the Caribbean to Europe all the way back across the Atlantic to the United States. Currently a group of 5 including BZ on drums, Tim on guitar and Daniele on bass, they form an unstoppable assembly with one goal in sight: spreading the feel-good vibes to the world!    

The OG Experience / The Orange Grove Groove  
Even though they have 2 groove-a-licious albums, 1 live album and 2 vibin singles  on their discography, OG rocks their reputation as a live band like no other. They have the ability to visually display their intent behind every song with their contagious energy and body language (this makes it an impossible task to stand still at any OG concert). They give a different perspective on how to perceive music, which makes every live performance a unique experience-whether youve been following them around in a coat and gloves around Europe or seeing them for the first time with a cold beer and the sun on your face. However, The Orange Grove Experience is about more than making music that every one can dance to. Ultimately, they want to inspire generations to stand up and do whats right.

A big part ofthe members come from different corners of the Caribbean so they are all united in their love for bringing attention to those little rocks under the sun. On the islands, just like around the world, there are a lot of problems. But because the islands are so small, you see the negative effects of corrupt governments and bad leaders more quickly. By frequently appearing at events like the Heineken Regatta in St.Maarten and making special appearances on the neighboring islands, they spread this message by roping in as many islanders as they can to spread the good vibes, all the way home.

So whether you like listening to rap, vibing to ska, grinding to soca, dancing to pop, chilling to reggae, boogying to calypso or spacing out to rock - Orange Grove will grab you by the soul and pull you into their sound without any warning, but with all of good intentions. Their guarantee?  Not letting you go until you have the biggest smile all over your face, soul and spirit.

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