Orange Hour

Orange Hour

 Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA

Orange Hour is a hard driving reggae tinged alt rock band from Clearwater, Florida.


Orange Hour is the time it takes lust to turn to love, inspiration to turn to triumph and a dream to become a reality. From Clearwater, Florida four young men have provided the call to turn it up and let it go! Orange Hour is upon us, Welcome….

Orange Hour is a hard driving reggae tinged alt rock.. ''Creative Loafing''


Orange Hour released their self-titled EP in October of 2009.

Orange Hour is currently recording their first full length album "Push Record" set to be released in May of 2011

Set List

Orange Hour sets range from thirty minutes to four hours.

Orange hour is primarily an Original band.

Some covers would include bands such as, Sublime, Dave Matthews Band, The Beatles, Incubus, Chuck berry, Three doors down, Matchbox 20, Seven Mary 3, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, and others.