Orange Light

Orange Light


Orange Light's swinging guitar riffs and natural yet tantalizing melodies will leave you wondering how they could have developed their original sound and still be so young. With the passion of Modest Mouse and the catchiness of The Stokes, this band will have their music stuck in your head all day.


Orange Light is made of three 18 year-old jock-turned musicians and one ex-hair band cover drummer. Originally started by the two guitarists in their garage with a drum set and a fifty-dollar amp. The band practiced everyday until they found their sound; a southern garage rock with a west coast atmosphere. Their major influences are Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, The Pixies and Joy Division.


Little Diamond Heart

Written By: Blake Whitson

While you shook hands with a man on fire
You told me that I would be alright
Don’t try so hard to say that youre sorry
Im all prime to apologize
But when you leave
Youre crushin our dreams
Why do you go away for so long
Cuz all your lies are wastin our time
We all know whats really goin on
So take on the numbers that you just cant lose
Wake up in the morning still confused
All thats left is to follow me
Now what more do you want me to say

Layin it down
Brush your nose
Got your little diamond heart now
And your so stoned
Come on down
Its time to go
You’ve got your little diamond heart
So why you so stoned

In our dreams, the sunset strip
Heartbreak smiles, shape our lips
One dropped out, one kinda died
The other ones just here to waste the ride
Cant you see that Im off to sleep
The boys are stepping to the yard
Don’t worry about those tears now
Were all laughin too hard


Say its all cool, now that cant change
Some rollin skatin fools left back in the day
I don’t know how im come say but
I hate the way you praise your indie ears
Cant you see that I cant breathe
All you have left is in here
When you come on back, I like to see you then
Na na, wont you, wont you

[chorus x2]

Stella The Thief

Written By: Blake Whitson

Stella, oh stella
You kill me, you kill me
Stella, oh stella
You kill me, you kill me
Stella, oh stella
you kill me
And baby im on fire

Hey baby im bout to come unglued
I got this strange desire and its all I can do
I grab a hand of gold
And its all sunshine
Cant you tell I can see this appetite is divine
I know you saw me waitin down at the gates
This poor little lady, uh, breakin my face
Im drownin in this, im out on the wire
Come down here darlin, and light my fire


These flames kiss my lips
And im feelin so used
You left me on my knees
And its got me confused
Watch me now youll love the way that I die
You burn me up, and ill get my taste of the sky
So here you come, im countin down the days
This hot summer sun Is goin out in a blaze
My body’s cookin away, im blushin a red
I gotta feelin soon youll be loosin your head

[chorus x]


Written By: Blake Whitson

Wake up, tell us straight
Why’s everything so great
Im sleepin away all these sleepless days
I know it all will fall In place
You wanna see whats in my mind
Though it might be hard to breathe inside
Im so glad that we made it
I just wish it was our time

Now I cant wait to be in my
California coma
It sure would be nice
For everything to be alright

I know you love good news
But all I have is bad
The tricks and the jokes were clear to show
That weve all been had
Now ive gone door to door
And where ive looked so bored
And I know less now than ever before
In the morning she bakes her face into a cake
Hot enough
We all melt away


Weve got to find our way out


Mexican Coffin

Written By: Blake Whitson

I don’t know, if ive ever know
A blue jean fantasy, so unsown
These dusty blues, they seem so new
So what did they ever take from you
They’ve got me scare
Of what ill say
So go away, oh on and on
Opening the eyes of the blind
Can it be, can it be wrong

Wont you stay
Ill put away
My Mexican coffin

Send me away
Where all the walls are broke
And everything has rusted
Im stuck in play
So send me away
Where your walls are broken
And your lips have aged
Im stuck in places
These dusty blues, they seem to grow
The thing is that everyone knows
Feelings fade, as sure as they wait
So don’t run too fast
Its on its way, hey


mama, youre gone,

Laughing Alone

Written By: Blake Whitson

Gotta go, im comin home
All the rum is runnin past
So what I know and what I don’t
Has never seemed to last
So I guess that’s its, I guess that’s its
These denim fields, they seem so slow
All the worried lies still flow
Out the door, past the porch
Don’t you see the ground still goes
Theres masks, with laughs, no gas, so I go
Blowin smoke, so blown, on our own, and I know

Don’t think im not terrified as you come through
You make such a rise cuz all the eyes are on you
Tell me
What do I do when you make it end
I guess youre right, its nice to see you again
See you again

They sip-sip on the right drink
They say-say that youre gonna bleed
Out of everything I see
The old light tells me what I need
So I guess that’s it
In three years ill be just fine
But is it alright if im not okay
Yeah I know, we all see
Its nothing a bottle can change
So I guess that’s it
They keep it keep goin
Were all on board
Ill be back
But I haven’t yet figured out what for
It passes, no laughs, no gas, and I go
Slow hope, so broke, on our own, now I know


Gold's So Pretty

Written By: Aaron Arguello

Oh, oh
Hello, hello you look so good
Your number ill be callin
We have so much in common
So much in common
Hello, hello you look so good
My bodys a heart and I forget
Wheres my restart button
Wheres my restart button

Well you took a ride on the energy express
And You know we make a fuss
But we never make a mess
And you know deep down were better than the rest
You know deep down were better than the rest
Its been so long since ive been home
It feels so good everywhere
So I forget where I belong
They all love us for a stupid little song
Yeah they all love us for a stupid little song
The clouds they said to smile today
Its gonna be alright in every single which way
If black could talk what do you think it would say
It white could talk what you think it would say
Yeah red needed to be medicated
Blue needed to be vindicated
But golds so pretty and for that I hate it
But golds so pretty and for that I hate it


Yeah we make pictures in every single color
But I cant hide the fact that im not my brother
Youre better than me but im better than the other
Yeah you can try on your cherry lipstick
It looks so good it makes me wanna kiss it
And all the broken colors are so exquisite
Yeah all the broken colors are so exquisite
Everyone knows this game is over
I didn’t do swell so I try and flip it over
but ill probably get left out in the rain
I probably wont ever get to play the next game



Written By: Aaron Arguello

In a spot where green people glow
We would talk without a care in the world
You were talkin but i wasnt listening
We could tell the thoughts in my head
But you didnt care
You just said what you wanted to be said
As i look in your person
I find youre just like me
No listen to me i got the good information
Or maybe i dont, but i think i deserve the

Well i dont know what you want me to do
If you could clarify we could get this through
Where does this chord end
The cab driver goes where the electrician is
Oh im drinkin nothin from your old cup
You stole my box of emotions now im all fucked up
Now that you left i am so free
Im finally meetin all the other me's
Hello sir its nice to speak with you
Excuse me but who are you talkin to

Creating a Time Machine

Written By: Aaron Arguello

Why does it always feel like I’m the one who can’t be anyone today
I always though id go somewhere
But I’m seventeen, in Cali’, now I just don’t care
My insecurity, it screams out secrets
Yeah we rule this town but we didn’t really mean it
I’ll be drownin in Eufaula’s lake
It didn’t break this time so we take another take
I don’t remember being a kid
Maybe that ‘cause it never really happened

Let’s take a drink from this bottle of whiskey
My heart just called, he said he really missed me
I can’t believe you’re really gone
We we’re so young and we we’re never done
Let’s try to dance a little to this tune
I’ll show you how to sweep like a broom
I knew a blind man without his eyes
But if you don’t have eye are you really blind
I once heard we were all the same
So if you’re scared of anybody
Then you’re scared of your own name

Last night was kinda crazy
I remember it but it’s a little hazy
You were drunk but you said we were best friends
Yeah, we’ll find fame, and we’ll find where it ends
I’m gonna make it out of this life today
No, no I’m not here to stay
You’ll be in the same place then when you die
As you were your entire life
I’m not talkin to you
I’m talking to your mind

I’m not talking to your name
I’m talking to your brain
We’re gonna be alright


Laughing Alone EP
1. Little Diamond Heart
2. Gold's So Pretty
3. Stella The Thief
4. Cup

Radio Play: the Edge of Tulsa - Little Diamond Heart (Song of the Week)
Gold's so Pretty

Set List

Little Diamond Heart - 2:40
Gold's So Pretty - 4:00
Cup - 4:30
Stella The Thief - 3:30
Cake - 4:30
Destiny Anne - 10:00
Elephant - 7:00
Mexican Coffin - 5:00
Laughing Alone - 3:40
Creating A Time Machine - 5:00