Karachi, Sindh, PAK
BandRockNew Age

Drawing inspiration from the heavy feedback drenched sounds of shoegaze and post-rock //orangenoise cultivates noise and gives it a tangible form for you to sink yourself into and send you off to that space of dissociation where the only hook to reality are the sounds.


//orangenoise is an impressive four-piece from Karachi, Pakistan consisting of musicians Talha Asim Wynne (guitar, vocals), Daniel Arthur Panjwaneey (bass, vocals), Danial Hyatt (drums) and Faizan Riedinger (guitar). As a follow up to their 2009 single The Morning After, the band has a debut collection of five songs in the form of a digital EP titled //veracious. After listening over the past several hours, we’ve found it almost impossible to choose only one highlight from this new release. … With influences ranging from classic psychedelia and 60s garage-rock to an amazing take on both early and more recent shoegaze, //orangenoise seems content in tinkering playfully with the past while presenting a beautiful sound of their very own.


Karachi’s //orangenoise create dreamy, disjointed melodies and never go light on the reverb. Their songs go from ambient to thrashy and back again with the drums turned down and the guitar at center stage. At times, all you can hear are the residuals of a single chord. The production is true to the original incarnation of this sound. //orangenoise is more than just the only band in the region playing this style. They understand the nuances of how to make this stuff really well, and their music rivals the contemporary bands leading the revamped nu-gaze scene today.



The Morning After (Single) - March 2009
//veracious (EP) - January 2011

Set List

//veracious EP + new material
(length of the setlist can be adjusted as per the promoters gig requirements and/or time limits, if any)