Orange Peel Sunshine

Orange Peel Sunshine

 Dallas, Texas, USA

We really like to push the envelope with a mixture of grunge and melodies. We like random changes of time signature, scale, and tempo. We want the listener to try and keep up with us. We try our best to avoid predictability and we will melt your face and blow out your ear drums live.


We are an energetic and highly motivated indie rock band from Dallas, Texas that formed like many others, in high school. We started in the year 1999 as four friends who needed an outlet for our creativity and angst. Rather than let boredom become teenage criminal mischief, we picked up instruments and began expressing ourselves.

Fast forward to present day and we have finally matured into a group of “seasoned” musicians. We have just completed our first full length album entitled, High. Deaf. The album pushes the envelope with a mixture of grunge inspired riffs, head spinning percussion, and melodies. (We hate to compare our sound, but it’s similar to mash up of At The Drive In and Sunny Day Real Estate) The songs feature seemingly random changes of time signature, scale, and tempo, while retaining hooks and strong structures.

We are very proud of our recent studio endeavors, but our true passion is performing live. We challenge the audience to keep up with our energy. We don’t rely on any flashy gimmicks. We just do our best to put out our maximum effort with every show. If we walk off the stage with thrashed vocal chords, a few bruises and sweat dripping from head to toe, we feel a great deal of satisfaction.


Stamp Covered Suitcase - EP, 2008

High. Deaf. - LP 2009

Orange Peel Sunshine - LP 2010

Set List

we usually play 8-10 songs. the set is geared towards the venue, crowd, and other bands on the bill. We have a pretty diverse library to pull from. Most sets last from 30-45 minutes.