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Don´t mind us. Here is what some critics say:
“Most proficiently performed.Deeply heterosexual and inspired by southern state boogie, in the vein of ZZ Top.”
“Reincarnated rock gods from the great ‘70s. Bordering on perfection.”
“Dirty. Musical candy.”
"A lesson in how rock should sound.”


Orango: How a day in the desert or swamps, or a Friday evening in town, would sound...

Take our – and the Norwegian press´ – word for it: there´s music in deserts and swamps. Bogs and mountains too. It´s certainly that feeling you get when listening to Norway´s rock´n´soul power trio Orango. Music to take you away from the everyday hustle and maintain distraction from the downtown bustle. The hairy riffs and heavy damage by their guitar, bass and drums are essentially growing the roots of classic rock, in a time when others are stumbling in each others´ feet while looking for the next big pop hit or recreating yet another 80s pastiche.

The band´s confident full-length debut Villa Exile, released in 2004 by the in-house label of Oslo´s renowned vinyl shop Big Dipper, was received with open arms by Norwegian journalists; not to mention their performance in Bergen that same year during the industry festival by:Larm. Dagbladet, Norway´s then second largest newspaper, characterised their gig as a “pace-filled kick in the ass, which will secure a lot of new friends in the audience and industry.”

Seven years later, including a creative hiatus, comes their January 2011 set of songs called Confessions (label: Division Records). The music was recorded purely out of internal inspiration; playing for the love of music in itself, and not compromising on their true affection for the genre´s influencers. The music is dark, but not depressive. Hard-hitting and cool. It´s authentic rock, how it was conceived, crafted in a way it impacts people´s souls.

Don’t mind us. Here’s what the critics say about Confessions:

“Most proficiently performed. Deeply heterosexual and inspired by southern state boogie, in the vein of ZZ Top.”
- Dagens Næringsliv (Norway’s Financial Times) (January 22, 2011)

“Reincarnated rock gods from the great ‘70s. A rock album bordering on perfection.”
- Ny Musikk Hver Dag (Music blog) (January 22, 2011)

“‘Confessions’ is basically a lesson in how rock should sound.”
- Furore i Harare (Music blog) (January 3, 2011)

“Entirely excellent.”
- Firdaposten (Newspaper) (January 20, 2011)

“Turn the volume up to 11!”
- Bergensavisen (Newspaper) (January 25, 2011)

“Dirty delta blues. Musical candy.”
- Tønsberg Blad (Newspaper) (January 25, 2011)

“It’s almost as if the desert extends into the living room.”
- Hamar Arbeiderblad (Newspaper) (February 1, 2011)

“This is classic rock!”
- Fædrelandsvennen (Newspaper) (February 1, 2011)

“They have artfully accomplished to write good and interesting songs in the genre of classic rock.”
- Nordlys (Newspaper) (February 2, 2011)

“Sounds great on record, and undoubtedly an eventful happening in a sweaty club.”
- Moss Avis (Newspaper) (February 3, 2011)

“Brilliant rock, made of cactus.”
- Romsdals Budstikke (Newspaper) (January 25, 2011)

“Their pleasure of playing is oozing; a real joy to listen to.”
- Oppland Arbeiderblad (Newspaper)

Journalists´ verdicts on Villa Exile:

"Their energy basically surrounds you. When they shift into high gear, it is hard to remain untouched. This is classic rock rooted in the ´60s and ´70s. Confidently composed and uncompromisingly performed. " (Aftenposten, national newspaper, Norway)

“They deliver a confident and rock-hard that nearly without exceptions is packed with energetic, forthright and melodious songs” (VG, national newspaper, Norway)

“Styleful references, great bass, swaying ´60s sounds and just the right moves on the tube amp, topped by a couple of real killer songs.” (Dagbladet, national newspaper, Norway)

“Norwegian rock at its best: Southern Sun, One Morning With You and the single City Of Lust.” (Bergensavisen, local newspaper; Bergen, Norway)

“Goddamn groovy rock music, with an occasional tuned-down Hendrix twist. This is cool and I hope to see them live some day.” (Low Cut Magazine, Denmark)

The band:

Helge Bredeli Kanck: guitars and vocals
Karl-Joakim Wisløff: bass and vocals
Trond Slåke: drums and vocals


Soulville (single, Division, 2012)
Colonial Militia Vol. 1 (album, Division, 2012)
The Hard Working Union Railroad Band (single, Division, 2011)
Thin Red LIne/Hard Headed Woman (single, Division, 2011)
Confessions (album, Division, 2011)
Villa Exile (album, Big Dipper, 2004)
Something Good (EP, Big Dipper, 2001)
Mind And Money (EP, Rickosound Records, 2001)

Set List

Roman Chocolate Cream
Old Cold
Black Queen
Blue Suit
Fools Like Us
Hard Headed Woman
Mama´s Little Hero
Nine Days Of Peace
Thin Red Line
Freedom Train