an ethereal blend of electric folk, foot stomping drum beats and raw vocals. with lyrics that reflect on everything from lust to loss, memories to moments, and everything you've ever wanted to hear in a song, this is music you'll remember, and never want to turn off.


Orangutan, meaning 'people of the forest', is what the indonesians who first caught glimpse of these reddish apes aptly named them. Initially, the natives thought they were hairy lazy people avoiding work, and hiding out in the trees.
Now we know, this is not true.
Spending most of their time alone, foraging across their jungle canopies, these solitary creatures rarely encounter another of their own kind. Only during times when food is abundant, does the Orangutan meet up with others of its kind, to mate, play, and rekindle old friendships, that the harsh Indonesian jungle normally keeps hermitic.

Although typically indigenous to Indonesia, this particular orangutan has been spotted roaming the city streets of Toronto, Ontario for the past four years.

Diet: Croissants, Dukbegi Bibimbap, double cranberry vodkas and domestic pilsner.

Height: 6'2
Weight: 172lbs
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Brownish Blond


first ep:
East 107th Street

Set List

one 30-45 minute set.
original material.