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Denton, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Denton, Texas, United States
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Metal Experimental


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Practicing The Orcanaut"

It's Wednesday night in Denton, Texas.

Spring has sprung but you wouldn't be able to tell by the weather because Denton is in Texas and therefore unable to forecast.

Denton offers a first-tier cultural experience and answers the question: Where has the liberal youth of North Texas gone who can't afford to live in Dallas and/or want to move far enough away from their DFW parents to have an excuse not to see them as much?

Also, super cheap beer. Also, Fry Street.

The band members [or perhaps pod members in this case -- that's a whale joke] of Denton's premier stoner metal band The Orcanaut tune their instruments and mentally prepare themselves to practice their dark art.

Plug in cables. Adjust cymbal stands.

Everyone tuned? Everyone tuned.

After connecting power cords into the arsenal of amplifiers, after synchronizing their rhythms and lighting their cigarettes, this scraggly, cheeky, talented gang of misfit Millennials becomes The Orcanaut.

The first few chords audiologically embody the essence of The Orcanaut's self-identified stoner metal genre: loud, dirty, righteous.

Imagine grunge but happier -- but not sedate. It's also a little nutty because we all have ADHD and scream sometimes all the time.

Drummer Jake Mann puts wooden sticks steadily and confidently across his buffet of skins and brass. Guitarist Korbin Chase immerses himself into each song, becoming a bobbing human timekeeper as he ascends (or descends) into a plane of musical existentialism.

Vocalists Cameron Hinojosa and Hayden Kirkby belt out unintelligible hard, hard nothings in between riffs to the band's fifth member: the audience. Because the closer you get to this anti-sacrosanct jam band's energy, you can't help yourself but to thrash your favorite air instrument.

CREWW First Mate Alex Pietroforte and I know firsthand you don't have to have any foreknowledge of this band or even its genre to appreciate their music.
My brother Cody and The Orcanaut's guitarist Korbin Chase aka "Uncle Chuckles" became fast friends in high school and roomed together in college before Cody joined the Navy in 2012. Perhaps it was their inclination to be exceptionally smart and stupid at the same time , all the time that drew them together. Or maybe it was their love for and affinity for guitar playing -- specifically psychedelic ballads from amazing artists who are probably dead now.


The Orcanaut: Cameron Hinojosa (Guitar/Vocals), Korbin Chase (Guitar), Hayden Kirkby (Bass/Vocals), Jake Mann (Drums) - Crewwmedia


Still working on that hot first release.



Songs of the inter-dimensional whale, tumbling through this universe and the next.
On September 5th, 2015, Orcanaut released their debut album, Voyager; Live-recorded at Redwood Studios in Denton, Texas. The album features a medley of progressive stoner, doom, black, and experimental metal. 
Thematically, Voyager is loosely based in concept. Thematic and conceptual elements are primarily represented by the perspective of a former astronaut, referred to as "The Observer", who is swallowed by a giant inter-dimensional whale after society's collapse. However, not all of the tracks follow this formula; Some were born simply from the urge to turn up, throw riffs together, and get rowdy. (ie: Homie Don't Play That)
Orcanaut was born in Summer 2014 in Denton, TX and consists of Cameron Hinojosa, Hayden Kirkby, Korbin Chase, and Jake Mann, local musicians with many similar influences (of which includeRussian Circles, Queens of the Stone Age, Pelican, Red Fang, Mastodon, Electric Wizard, and Opeth). 
Orcanaut is currently promoting Voyager and preparing for a west coast tour in early 2016. 

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