Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Orchards is a Toronto-based folk band delivering a modern twist to old folk sounds. They are a trio with no center but three equal parts, with theatrical antics to boot. With strings, horn, guitar, banjo, and vocals with epic melodies, they are reminiscent of Odetta and The Carter Family.


Orchards is a band of innovators and creators, occasionally criminal, but always sensational.

The last existing members are Anthony William Wallace (violin, banjo), Daniel John Taylor (bass, guitar, ukulele), and Gabrielle Sylvane Charron-Merritt (trumpet, guitar). Former members of Symphony Orchestras, the folk rock band ‘Birds of Whales’, Balkan Choirs and an avant-garde noise rock troop – this power trio is bound to make a mark that will lie as an open wound, festering for years to come.

They are renown for insulting their audience with their wrinkled and often soiled underwear, as well as their magic disappearing wallet tricks. Their strange, somber, and soulful lyrics will haunt the dark places of our collective memory for generations. Seaside ballads and foot stomping, chain gang chants will please any audience regardless of their sobriety.

They are from Toronto, Ontario. They were all born either in or around there, or at least have heard of the place, but it's where they play most of their shows.


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