Orchestra Zarabanda

Orchestra Zarabanda


Echoing the classic "La Pefecta" format, Orchestra Zarabanda takes the sensual rhythmic cadence from the heyday of Cuban salsa and injects it with modern arranging sensibility. When OZ beckons, they will dance! OZ's co-bandleader was nominated by Earshot Jazz as "Best Emerging Artist" of 2007.


In 1994 Orchestra Zarabanda’s predecessor, Charanga Yerbabuena, was born. In the early years of the group, all the band's core members travelled to Cuba to study with the masters. Since then, Orchestra Zarabanda has deepened it's sound with influences from not only the fantastically hip Cuban dance bands, but also New York salsa and the latin jazz masters. Our recent recording (Gallo que Canta 2007) received critical acclaim from Latin Beat and Descarga, and features a fully realized Latin dance band.


Gallo Que Canta - 2007
Vaiven de Mar - 2001

Set List

Festival sets range from 30 to 90 minutes. Set lists include a range of Cuban son/ salsa, son montuno and guaracha.