Orc Happy Growls and Keyboard Mayhem


ORCumentary is like a DOCumentary, except about Orcs.

While you'd figure any band who would be crazy enough to sing only about orcs would only do so in respects of them burning down villages, killing, etc. ORCumentary (BEING A SOLO PROJECT!) is about Orcs in less common situations, such as an orc being murdered in a stranger's bathtub, an orc being assaulted by a maurauding butterfly or maybe just an orc ranting about how much he loves blood (because of how it helps his body function at 100%)


No CDs, will hopefully be recording one in January.

Set List

Fit of Frenzied Rage (2:30)
Orc And The Butterfly (3:29)
BLOOD (3:45)
The Nose Knows (3:30)
Goblin Skull (3:45)
The Orcs (2:28)

I have more songs than these...