Orcus is an aggressive metal/thrash band to be compared to but not limited to the heavy gritty vocals of Sepultura & Pro-Pain, the old school riffage of older Metallica, with Slayeresq vibes appearing throughout for good measure.


Orcus is a metal/thrash band from the Philadelphia area that started in 1993. Rich Books & Greg Allison are the founding members of the band along with Jesse Hoopes on guitar and Lou Branco on the drums.Orcus has shared the stage with many bands in the genre such as Testament, Machine Head, Overkill, Exodus, Hatebreed, Pro-Pain, Deicide,& Obituary just to name a few. They are currently in the studio recording their follow up to The Forgotten Prayer entitled Until We Meet Again to be released by Fall 2011.


Aggression (ep)
Here Comes The End (ep)
The Forgotten Prayer (ep)