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"Ordain- Cosmosgaming.com"

Australia based hard rock band Ordain has slowly been making a name for themselves locally, but are now looking to expand their fan base with the release of their debut, self titled EP. Offering four songs and a radio edit version of the single “Never”, Ordain offers up some addictive hard rock riffs that have a mainstream style but don’t feel as though they are too limited. The result is that this EP should help to generate interest in their music and have listeners excited for whatever material the band comes up with next.

Ordain hooked up with engineer Forrester Savell (Helmet, The Butterfly Effect) for their debut, and this definitely helps their sound quality to be better than the average unsigned band. Although I’m sure some of you are reading Helmet and getting ready to pass on this one, be assured that Ordain does have some solid riffs that aren’t overly generic. All their engineer has done is add a high level of polish to their melodic hard rock style, and this definitely seems as though it could help them achieve mainstream radio exposure if they are given the chance. The instrumentalists have some solid ideas, and listeners will still enjoy what is offered.

Success for any hard rock band is often dependent on how strong of a singer they have, and in this regard Ordain has succeeded. Vocalist Scott Lathwood has a melodic and powerful singing voice that is reminiscent of a number of American hard rock/alternative metal singers. However, while a lot of modern day hard rock acts seem to be going for attitude driven aggressive singing, Ordain’s style is a bit more laid back and reminiscent of older, more introspective hard rock that cared more about heartfelt messages and singing from the heart rather than attitude or flashiness. This is great to see in a newer group, and is an element that this band will hopefully stick with.

Ordain is off to a great start and the decision to record with an established sound engineer has done wonders for their sound. This disc sounds better than the average EP from an unsigned act, and that will hopefully lead to some worldwide exposure. Ordain does face the challenge of creating music for a full length that has enough variety to keep listeners hooked, but they already seem to be off to a better start than some of their American counterparts.

Chris Dahlberg
November 10, 2008
www.cosmosgaming.com - Chris Dahlberg

"Ordain- Metal Forge"

"Undeniably ballsy throat scrapings of vocalist Scott Lathwood – harking back to the early days of a far more baritone Eddie Vedder, Ordain's smouldering frontman gorges himself on the throbbing foundations below and spits the final syllable on par with a youthful James Hetfield".
Toby McCasker- Metal Forge

- Toby McCasker- Metal Forge

"Ordain- Phoenix Records"

"Ordain have played at FUSE a number of times now however this was the first time in a while they have played a rock set apposed to acoustic and they made us proud, Scott (the front man) has a magnificent voice and Friday night was a fine example of him showing that off"
- Blair David- Phoenix Records

"Ordain- Triple J"

Whatever day of the week this one rocks! This is a well put together song with all the components coming together to make some truly kick ass music!!! Give this one listen and you won’t be disappointed…well if you are then tough.”

*MAZURI –Superuser –Triple J Unearthed*
- MAZURI –Superuser –Triple J Unearthed


2006 - Ordain EP
2007 - New Demo
2009 - Album "Broken Glass" due for release

Songs from both collections can be streamed from the myspace at:



Since 2003, Melbourne-based rock band Ordain has been feeding ideas and emotions into quality songs designed to excite, sadden and give hope to a broad listening audience, saluting the musical legends that once travelled a similar journey.

With a unique brand of progressive rock, Ordain's music displays their passion for creativity and high standard of musicianship.

The band strives for optimal musical originality, while injecting a raw passion and powerful dynamic range into their songs.

Ordain has been building upon a rapidly growing local fan base following their success in the Australian JJJ Unearthed competition with three top 5 songs. Ordain has recently secured a distribution deal throughout the Pacific region and was recently invited to play in front of crowds in excess of 25,000 at the New Zealand Parachute Rock Festival. Coming off the back of their tour of North America, Ordain is poised to open for a string of major local acts.

Keep your eyes peeled - this band is taking no prisoners!