Order of Chaos

Order of Chaos


Neatly trimmed ideological, psychotic, melodic, grunge, heavy rock, beautiful distortion, fist-raising crazy shit clean cut monster noise. A.K.A. "southern melodic groove metal."


Order of Chaos was formed when four different musical influences came together in an experiment to create something that has not been created before. To become similar to many different sounds, but not the same as any one sound. The music is delivered from a brew of many styles and influences. The rough raw guitarz style of Mr. Z, heavy metal double kick of Matt, full and tight bass runs from Mims layered with the dark, melodic, modern influences of Allan "Nasty" Starnes has stirred the air to create "southern melodic groove metal."
With the purpose of evolving a new sound that satisfies music connoisseurs that possess many tastes within the music spectrum, Order of Chaos and their unique sound was formed. Since the evolution of their music has been warmly embraced, the sound will continue to contort into something that is similar to many sounds, but not the same as any one sound. Separately these musicians have traveled the east coast and reached the opposite shore of the California coast line in the pursuit of music all before coming together to form the band.
Attending an Order of Chaos show is never disappointing, and no matter what music interest a listener is drawn to, their stage presence cannot be denied. They fill the stage with energy, personality, movement and are performers that transcend the spectra of their sound. Order of Chaos is the new band on the block, not just playing music, not just another band among the many, but rather a package that will journey quickly through the ranks to leave a long lasting mark on the music industry.



Written By: Allan Starnes

-Hide her from me, the pretty, girl
Cover the trail, that she left, hiding
Mask her scent, in the air, disturbing
Ohhh, Never mind I’ll take it on by myself
-Get it away, from me, desiring
Cover my eyes, take my sight, blinding
Stop my pain, so I won’t, needing
Never mind I’ll obsess all by myself
-I want to be hard again, stop the burning attachment, I should have never let it in, feeling love has scarred me once again
Scarred my skin
-Took the risk, and it’s not worth it
Opened up, now I’m scarred again
Scarred my skin

Land of the Boogieman

Written By: Allan Starnes

- It’s so hard to breathe, your air chokes me, your conformity, it contaminates, I don’t want to be a puppet on the strings, I refuse conformity, I hang in the land of the boogie man…. The boogie man
- Maybe I do see the world just a little bit different than you, maybe I feel a little bit different than you want me to, but that doesn’t make me bad, just a little bit different, and differences is what we need in the land plagued by conformity
- Maybe I do feel emotions just a little bit deeper than you, maybe I dream about bad things more than you do, but that doesn’t make me crazy, maybe just a little irregular, and irregular is what we need in the land full of certainties
- Could be I do stick my mind in the abstract a little more than you, maybe it seems that I’m a little illogical when compared to you, but I think I’m right and you so very wrong, so step out of my darkness, get out of this land of the boogie man


Written By: Order of Chaos

- I’m all black inside, defiled and denied of any faith * my thoughts are so dark; they seem so lost, that I try to stay away * I drink, I blaze, and I pop the pills, just to escape * to escape reality, is to escape myself, inebriate me
- I don’t even know myself
I stay away, I stay away, inebriated
- I have become a mystery to myself * I stay hid away so much that I don’t even know who I am * I lock on to the television, to keep away the visions in my head * to escape reality, to escape myself, inebriate me
- I don’t even know who I am
I stay away, I stay away, inebriated
- Who am I * I don’t know * I stay away* Inebriated


Album title - Nothing Seed (2006)

Order Of Chaos is played on different radio stations within the band's playing region and also played regularly on multiple internet radio stations.

Set List

There`s enough material to perform any desired length of time. But prefer shorter action packed shows. Play plugged in? or transition our songs to an acoustic format? We play original rock music.

Battle of Beliefs
Land of the Boogieman
In the Day
Down, In, and Away
For Never
Fall of Man
Dark Raider
Rock Star
Some Soulz Live The Life Of Quite Desperation
The Girl
Spanish Lula by
Perfect Girl