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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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"The lyrics convey the emotions and fit well with the musical mood of the song. They paint a cohesice picture." "The musicianship is solid and tight. The darkish vocal delivery suits the material well. The production sounds good. The sound delivery, and material fit together well." "The arrangement works well and keep the listener engaged." Clint McBay / Director of A&R
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"Order Of Chaos"

IMP radio. Order of Chaos is a featured artist on this site for July and August, 2006. They say “The artists featured and listed here are hand selected by the Indie Music Project editorial staff. There's too much noise on the internet. The Indie Music Project is here to bring you the best damn music you probably haven't heard.” © 2006 Thimble Media, LLC - Indie Music Project. - Thimble Media, LLC - Indie Music Project

"Make order out of chaotic weekend"

Make order out of chaotic weekend
September 8, 2006
By Debby Jet Jennings · The Herald, Rock Hill, SC

Order of Chaos erupts boldly into The Money Saturday night. This Charlotte-based band charts a course of twists and turns, a path forged when four musical influences converged to distill their styles into one brooding mix.
Take one part classic bluesy guitar from Josh, add in a heavy-metal kick from drummer Matt, some hefty runs from Mims on bass and stir intriguingly with the dark, melodic mode of vocalist Allan "Nasty" Starnes.

The result is a sound they call "Southern melodic groove metal." Outside influences include Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Rage Against the Machine, Alice in Chains, Deftones, Sepultura, Pantera and early Metallica.

That's a lot of ground to cover, but it's a strong foundation. They promise a live show that will "fill the stage with energy, personality, movement...to transcend the spectra of their sound." Also, somewhere along the way, we also picked up on the possible promise of "clowns, bears, wizards, dragons," in something "more than a show."

Order of Chaos is supported by Thee Unright and Zoey's Picnic for a three-band extravaganza at The Money, 111 S. Cherry Road, Rock Hill. For details, call the club at 329-2710 or check www.themonrh.com. For band info, go to orderofchaosband.com, myspace.com/orderofchaos.

- By Debby Jet Jennings · The Herald, Rock Hill, SC

"Night Sounds Column"

January 19th, 2007
By Debby Jet Jennings · The Herald, Rock Hill, SC

If anarchy arrayed in a methodical but uproarious manner calls out to you, then you'll relate to Order of Chaos tonight at Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte.
Ultra-convergent in a smash and dash swerve of fervent metal, the band sanctions as "Southern melodic groove metal." Order of Chaos cites influences from Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and early Metallica to Rage Against the Machine, Alice in Chains and Sepultura. Based in Charlotte with some Rock Hill residency, Order of Chaos features the classic, bluesy guitar of Josh; heavy metal double kick-drumming of Matt; bass runs from Mims; all layered and flavored with the dark, melodic musings of Allan "Nasty" Starnes.
Brooding, searching in a thoughtful verbal way, Starnes leans forcefully into pensive proclamations to back up the band's range of rock. Run the systematic and unruly gamut with Order of Chaos tonight at Tremont Music Hall, 400 W. Tremont Ave.
The evening's bill also includes Restless Oblivion, Mego Dirge and Feathered Serpent. Call the club at (704) 343-9494 or check www.tremontmusichall.com for specifics. For band scoop, go to www.orderofchaosband.com and myspace/com/orderofchaosband. - Debby Jet Jennings - The Herald


Album title - Nothing Seed (2006)

Order Of Chaos is played on different radio stations within the band's playing region and also played regularly on multiple internet radio stations.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Order of Chaos was formed when four different musical influences came together in an experiment to create something that has not been created before. To become similar to many different sounds, but not the same as any one sound. The music is delivered from a brew of many styles and influences. The rough raw guitarz style of Mr. Z, heavy metal double kick of Matt, full and tight bass runs from Mims layered with the dark, melodic, modern influences of Allan "Nasty" Starnes has stirred the air to create "southern melodic groove metal."
With the purpose of evolving a new sound that satisfies music connoisseurs that possess many tastes within the music spectrum, Order of Chaos and their unique sound was formed. Since the evolution of their music has been warmly embraced, the sound will continue to contort into something that is similar to many sounds, but not the same as any one sound. Separately these musicians have traveled the east coast and reached the opposite shore of the California coast line in the pursuit of music all before coming together to form the band.
Attending an Order of Chaos show is never disappointing, and no matter what music interest a listener is drawn to, their stage presence cannot be denied. They fill the stage with energy, personality, movement and are performers that transcend the spectra of their sound. Order of Chaos is the new band on the block, not just playing music, not just another band among the many, but rather a package that will journey quickly through the ranks to leave a long lasting mark on the music industry.