Christie Lenee's FunkGrass Groove

Christie Lenee's FunkGrass Groove


An Original Cornucopia of Sound and Style. With ripping jazz chords, melodic harmonies, and soulfully inspiring lyrics, singer/songwriter Christie Lenee offers extreme versatility in composition and songwriting.


Energy, mind, and soul are three words that characterize Christie Lenee Jimenez. The ripening songwriter, jazz/classical guitarist, and vocalist is enriched with a sweet, luscious variety of musical flavor and tasteful lyrics that deliver passion in positive messages to an assorted audience.

Scribbling thoughts on notebooks and napkins as far back as the memory takes her, the virtuoso performer has been involved in musical theatre acts and entertainment groups since the age of five. After studying classical guitar exclusively for three years she joined her high school jazz band and grew an interest towards improvisation. She is currently pursuing two degrees in jazz guitar performance and music composition at the University of South Florida.

An eighth month tour and journey through Taiwan opened new doors of opportunity as Christie performed at major international music festivals with her band Orenda, coalescing her experience with the popular rock style to create an innovative sound. Some festivals they played at include Spring Scream, Peace Festival, May Jam, and Mountain Fest, along with various outdoor stages and venues around the country. Instrumentation included guitars, bass, drums, percussion, keyboard, trumpets, and saxophones with an extensive range of musicians from all over the world. The wide array of strings, drums, horns and harmonies filled the stages and painted smiling faces on audiences.

Be prepared to get swept off your feet with Christie Lenee’s innovative style profuse with dance grooves, jazz-influenced melodies, eloquent lyrics, and the magnitude of music that’s produced acoustic and with the band!


Peace Is..., 2005, Christie Lenee & Orenda, Self produced
Live in Taiwan 2005, ORENDA, self produced
Live at The River (Taiwan) 2005, ORENDA, self produced
Shine ~single~ 2005, ORENDA, GTSX Productions, Taipei, Taiwan
88.5 FM WMNF Tampa, Florida
Streaming/Radio airplay:
EXPAT Radio(

Set List

All original compositions by Christie Lenee. Some include:

***All songs can be played acoustic or band***

Pleasure to Breathe
Early Released Comedy
Chameleon Eyes
Reach Out For It
Haven of Silence
Peace Song
Karma Child
Two Worlds
Sweet n Sour
First Day
Gratifying Life
Mary Jane
Merry Go Lounge
Open Mind
Fiddling Fingers
Bathing Hydration
Word Cage
Criminal Authority
Last Day
Figure Painting
Big Picture
Eyes tell the true story
Under the skin
Grapevines of Change
Ferris Wheel Ride

Sets can last from 30 minutes to 4 hours depending on venue preference.

Christie Lenee is an original songwriter and currently does not do any covers, with or without the band (Orenda).