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"Orentia , 'Enter My Zone'"

This completely original album ties together a fresh amalgamation of Soft Rock, Pop and R&B influences. Fun and fresh, this album makes the listener want to groove their way onto the dance floor. Orentia's milky voice and creative beats are reminiscent of the works of Janet Jackson and Madonna, and just as timeless.

Tr.3 All About Me- An awesome introduction leading into a multi-layered track. This song includes impressive rhythms and beats with a captivating hook and a flawless vocal tonality.

Tr.4 Confused- A more fluent and graceful track but just as captivating as the previous. An impressive vocal presence and beautiful vocal harmonies.

Tr.5 Crazy Day-­ A track with lyrics that everyone can relate to, with beats and rhythms that exemplify the feeling of a crazy day yet makes the listener's a little bit better.

Reviewed by Erin Bukofsky of Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion

- Erin Bukofsky of Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion

"CD SINGLE REVIEW: Orentia - "Confused""


One of the things I look for in a song as a commercial music critic is the song's ability to hold up against the competition of similar songs which top the charts and are played on the radio. Orentia, a singer/songwriter from Brooklyn, New York, achieves that with "Confused," the best and most commercial song from her debut project, Enter The Zone.

Benefiting from production that superbly complements her eloquent songwriting style, Orentia sings a story of deception, betrayal, and confusion. It's told from the perspective of a friend-to-another friend which allows for objectivity. It works and she succeeds without being preachy or judgmental while managing to bring up points to ponder in deciding whether to stay with or leave an unfaithful lover.

Whether or not the friend forgives and forgets, or calls it quits, we don't know. But what we do know (and can relate to) is why she's confused because we’ve all been there.

Vocally, Orentia skillfully delivers a performance that captures the frailty, love, angst, and inner turmoil that she is singing about - and she does it with credibility while showcasing her harmonizing and arranging skills in the process.

This is a radio-friendly track that both Urban and AC audiences will love more and more with every listen.

- By Gian Fiero - 05/16/2008 - 04:03 PM EDT

"Talent Competition"

...Throughout the night, it was the singers rather than the rappers who stood out the most. A performer named Orentia made for the biggest spectacle, with a peppy R&B number for which she was accompanied by half a dozen backup dancers, performing intricate choreography both on and in front of the stage, and a guitarist... Orentia and her entourage were clearly the most professional act of the night.
The polished pop star-in-waiting Orentia was awarded best song. - Al Shipley, Baltimore City Paper


Enter My Zone



In a word, Orentia is simply REFRESHING! Her addictive sound combines Pop, R&B, and Dance. She captivates a mainstream audience, not only crossing several genres of music, but also appealing to all ages. Not only does she possess a trend setting style, she also has a magnetic personality that leaves a lasting impression.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, this starlet has been destined to master the performing arts, and she possess an enormous drive for showmanship like no other. Her journey began at an early age with modeling, acting, writing, rapping, and singing. She was inspired by the likes of Janet Jackson, Madonna, Mary J. Blige, and Lauren Hill.

During the early 1990’s, Orentia formed a group and began performing with school friends in numerous local and community affairs. Throughout the late 1990’s - early 2000’s, she continued to develop herself as an artist and showcased her entertainment abilities by linking up with other talented colleagues and performing at homecoming and other school events. All of these experiences helped Orentia to develop the skills needed to master her talent. These local experiences were prominent in helping her understand the key elements to writing impressionable songs and entertaining.

Today, Orentia continues to develop and showcase her natural writing, singing, production, and showmanship/ entertaining abilities by constantly performing at various special events, nightsclubs, festivals abroad, just to name a few. Not only is her 1st release, “Enter My Zone” (which has received great reviews and is currently available online at www.Orentia.com ) making a clear statement of the demand for her sound; her music video for the hit single, “All About Me” has been # 1 on the California Music Channel for 3 weeks straight and was added to other music video sites. In addition, her singles “Crazy Day”, “All About Me”, and “Confused” have been included to the play list of several colleges, local, and indie radio and online stations so far.
Undoubtedly, Orentia has that “It Factor”. Her goal is to captivate the attention of various entertainment markets. She is a determined and success-driven artist who will be a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry as whole.