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Oreo Jones

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Oreo Jones is a local Indiana Hip Hop artist that provides originality to a creatively dry genre. With the incorporation of fresh beats and poetic rhymes, Oreo Jones stands behind a commitment to outstanding production and performance of his music.


Oreo Jones is currently getting ready for the Debut of his 1st EP entitled, The Delicious. The style is original and colorful as it adds a fresh breath of air to Hip Hop. Oreo is not trying to be the best, he is just trying to be your favorite artist. Oreo is from Warsaw, Indiana and currently resides in downtown Indianapolis. He has played numerous shows in and around the city of Indianapolis. Including opening for popular local artists The MUDKIDS on numerous occasions. Oreo also had a recent performance at KnollFest, where he gained valuable exposure to an audience outside the Hip Hop market and was received extremely well. In the future he plans on leaving his mark on the world through providing his audiences with music of the highest quality. With the recent edition of Chris Keller, who provides live percussion to the performance, Oreo Jones has a fun and exiting live performance suitable for all venues.


The Delicious-EP
coming soon
Here sample tracks on myspace.com/oreojones

Set List

Oreo Jones performs all original music and has live shows from 30min to an hour