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Friendswood, Texas, United States | SELF

Friendswood, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Rock Pop


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December 2005-Silent Stories, March 2006-Prom Song, I Wish, See You Again, A Song About, June 2007-Come So Close



What can I say, other than Oreya is the band that plays in the garage down the street, that the old ladies hate, and cops try to "turn down." We are a 3 guys (most of the time, and would like to be 4 again) that have many different hobbies, from our drummer Jordan racing motorcycles, to Brandon always drawing new creative ideas for T-shirts, stickers, and posters, To Patrick.. being Patrick. We all come from different styles, Jordan likes the new screamo bands that are always coming out, Patrick digs the Heavy Heavy metal, and Brandon listens to almost every genre, especially popular music From the 50's all the way to the present.

We love making music together and have an undeniable chemistry. Our songwriting process usually starts with Brandon (sometimes Patrick), bringing in a near completed song, we all dictate the feel and mood of the song, and then determine how the other instruments get incorporated into it. Sometimes it takes days or weeks, other times it takes minutes. Our job is to find the way a song is supposed to sound, and go from there. It's like you have a mountain, but you have to find the right trail to get to the top.

Soul is very important. A song shouldn't always sound the same live as on a cd. Then you would just buy the cd right? The songs should not only sound as good, but better by changing up, vox, guitars, bass, and drums.We like to redux pop songs and rock them out on stage, we like to go crazy, and have fun to the highest extent. Patrick will start head banging, Jordan breaks his sticks from playing so hard, Brandon goes crazy and jumps and swings like a madman- all in perfect unity. The climax of the show gives people reason to come back for more.

It's unfortunate that we don't have the time or money to always play our music, with school, girls, work, and all. But given the opportunity, we would give everything we have to make our music dreams come true.