Orfeo is a singer/songwriter. Together with his five piece band and sometimes with only guitarist Frans Molenaar, he mostly plays in a acoustic setting.


Orfeo is a singer/songwriter.

He worked with major artists like singer/songwriter and performer Anouk (the song "Sacrifice") and singer/songwriter and performer Berget Lewis.

Released in 2004 his first album "Icon". This album was recorded and released for the audience of the semi-acoustic theater tour in Holland and Belgium.

Orfeo won the audience prize for the big singer songwriters competition named in Holland (The great prize of Holland/Grote Prijs van Nederland).

As from April 2007 Orfeo will play live again. The start of the acoustic (guitar and vocals) performances will be on the 11th of April 2007 in Amsterdam (Holland), venue Winston Kingdom.

Check out play list on www.orfeo.nl

Listen now on the music player to the demo of the new self-written song: “You're my place on earth”. From the first album "Reason to cry" and "Make" another new self-written song played live at a livingroom session.



Singles: Always in love(2004)
Album: Icon(2004)
New releases to be expected during this year (2007).

Set List

Keep on fighting
You're my place on earth
Lady (cover from Modjo)(x)
Cosmic (from the 1st album "Icon")(x)

More songs are:
Always in love(x)
I'll say goodnight(x)
Reason to cry
How i feel
My funny valentine (cover)
My friends

all the songs are done in a acoustic setting with the band. But the songs with (x) are also arranged for a electric, so not only acoustic.