Miami, Florida, USA

organicArma's music can be a fantasy-like experience or a locomotive-style live dance concert show featuring futuristic instruments and aesthetics with on-stage audio-reactive visuals that combine philosophy with poetic asymmetry.


organicArma is an electronic music duo with a distinct concept comprised of dhArma111 (drummer and vocalist) and phAxas (vocals, samples, synths, effects). organicArma develops in mind and physically the expression of art through music. Through the use of philosophy, linguistics, psychology and technology the band innovates with taboo themes and disassociations between the opposites. They create music characterized by man-made rhythms and cleverly tweaked sounds played boldly on electronic instruments. Their live show is a performance featuring raw instrumentation on futuristic devices, and forward-thinking op & kinetic art visuals resulting in an overall immersive show experience.

organicArma just completed production on a first full-length album, “Under Duality,” slated for release in late May 2011. Legendary DJ/producer and originator of “The Sound Of The Cosmos,” Tom Middleton, collaborated with the band to produce a number of tracks on the new LP. The band's first single of the album "Love Is Not It All", was just released digitally worldwide, including a minimal techno rework by Heartthrob of Richie Hawtin's Minus Label. The band will play a handful of shows in Europe mid April including a special performance at XOYO, London with an arsenal of new tracks, sounds and visual material.

In 2009 the band released their first EP “Discordia” which included the original version as well as remixes with artist collaborations, including DJ Spooky and King Unique. Having performed alongside leading international acts including, Infected Mushroom, Motor, Swayzak and Ellen Alien, in May 2009 organicArma was selected to embark on their first North American tour as the opening act for Fischerspooner. The band performed at a number of popular and intimate club venues, including the Metro in Chicago, Avalon in Los Angeles, the Fillmore in San Francisco and the House of Blues in Houston as part of a 15-city tour. In July of 2009 organicArma released their “Awarned” EP video and was selected as the MSN’s “Emerging Artist of the Month. In October 2009, organicArma performed at the CMJ Music Marathon in New York, alongside established acts from Miami.

"Love is Not it All is an EP whose four tracks captivated the team at Fabrikalink. The melodies primarily dominated by organicArma are bass, electronica, and techno with a lot of visual aid in their live presentations. Their originality can be seen in the way they interpret and give dance music a new meaning. In the track "Awarned", they fuse dark beats with heavy bass, giving this digital arrangement a Gothic flair. "Discordia" is the following track that shows us organicArma's bilingual side, with never losing their synthetic swagger. "Love is Not it All" takes it up a notch melody wise, this single is a bit more hyped then the prior tracks and is indeed the invitation to their party at any given time."
Fabrika music + lifestyle planner

"Together organicArma is Phaxas, Dharma, and Abraxas. The former two are responsible for the racket; the latter backs ‘em up with the visually phantastic. Behind them is Sam Camera, who chronicles every nuance of their rising, and Aurax, who serves as a sorta Overseer for them and the entire Awarehouse. As an outfit, oA is riding the wave that roars over the digital divide, and they’ve shown that machines are nothing without a little humanity. As operatives, the five have proven that success can come from being both humane and human."
- Black Book

"What is distinctive about organicArma, is how they have thoroughly built their temple of learning."
-The South Florida Sun Sentinel

"More than just a name that rolls off your tongue, organicArma is a humbled, South Florida-based electronica band that brings a slew of electric energy to the area. If creative culture were a religion, organicArma would be practicing it, for the members are about more than just the music; they're about the meaning behind it all. "
-NBC Miami

"Progressive electronic music act organicArma is a band with a distinct concept. Comprised of two founding band members - drummer and vocalist "dhArma" and samplist, engineer and vocalist "phAxas," organicArma was born from the need to express art as an evolutionary purpose for mankind through the application of philosophy, linguistics, psychology, science, research and analysis. For live performances, the Miami based duo is assisted on stage by a third member called betAmax, who's doing basslines and keys. The name organicArma clearly reflects the band’s philosophy. "Organic” represents the terrain from where mankind is placed, as well as that which cannot be controlled, while "Arma," the music itself - is an expression of the ability to plan, build and create even within the constructs of what is unknown to man."
-Laptop Rockers


Love Is Not It All

Written By: organicArma

I can love only what you are
no one can pretend to possess you

Many things you don't deserve
and never expected
love was mine
i was yours
Love is not it ALL


Under Duality (to be released 2011) LP
01. Love Is Not It All
02. As Above So Below
03. Awarned
04. Discordia
05. Meteor
06. Demente
07. Fear
08. Egipsin
09. Fantasize
10. Jackall Trades
11. Heart Shapedevil

Love Is Not It All (2011) EP
1. Love Is Not It All
2. Love Is Not It All (Heartthrob Remix)
3. Awarned (Album version)

Fear of Demente (2009) EP
1. Fear
2. Demente

Awarned (2009) EP
1. Awarned (radio edit)
2. Awarned (extended edit)
3. Awarned (King Unique Remix)
4. Awarned (Degenerate Remix)

Discordia (2009) EP
1. Discordia (radio edit)
2. Discordia (DJ Spooky Remix)
3. Discordia (King Unique Discordant Disco Vox Remix)
4. Discordia (phAxas Remix)

*11 song LP >> to be released early 2011

Set List

As Above So Below
Love Is Not It All
Jack Of All Trades

*The set is approximately 45 mins-1 hr. long
*Each track will feature an accompanying visual art