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The best kept secret in music


"Organic Flood - The Source (Self Released)"

Coming to a field near you, Organic Flood sound like the consummate festival band: upbeat, free-flowing, dance-friendly, ego-neutral and musically, both open-minded and very accomplished. So, does music for sunny days and open spaces translate to mid-February and an office stereo? The answer is a resounding yes ˜You Are The Source" bursting out of the blocks like the bastard love child of Carlos Santana and the Fugees, ˜Kid Again" is Bob Weir fronted, funked-up Dead circa 1970 and ˜Testimony" brings it altogether into one hippie-friendly, spidery and stretchy, smiley soul stew. File under "groovey" for easy access.
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Posted on SEPTEMBER 27, 2006:

Organic Flood, Terrapin Station, September 29

By Amy Atkins

If you've been to Terrapin Station, you know they book some of the best
feel-good musicians and bands around. It's music that's good for your heart,
your soul and your dancing feet. Keeping with this trend, they've got Organic
Flood (opening for Moo-got 2) bringing their funk/hip hop/psychedelic vibe to
the stage next Friday.

Organic Flood is Seth Miner on guitar, Hayes Burris on bass, Ben Bodine on drums
and Grace "Grace Tea" Totherow and the Chad "Mad Chadder" Crowhurst sharing mic
duties. Their music is eclectic, their energy palpable.

Organic Flood's November 2005 release, The Source, includes reggae beats, vocal
raps and a random assortment of sounds like car horns and bike bells. Lyrics are
at times minimal: "witchdoctor voodoo witchdoctor guru shaman heal medicine man
medicine woman" and at times strange and complex and seemingly chosen for the
sounds created rather than the meaning behind the words themselves: "Have you
heard the call of the bird tribe? A rosemary hum, holy power of word, drum,
sound, shape water makes in response to the voice of the tongue in the valley of
the shadow of doubt, loaded with emotion. We gotta bounce, ya'll, gotta leap,
lift out, let go of these bodies, seek helical spout without ego, or needin' to
go anywhere but in, spiraling kaleidoscope within, spin!"

Together just over a year and a half (the bio on their Web site states the band
as it is now was born New Year's Day 2005), the five people who make up Organic
Flood play together as though they've known one another all their lives. They
seem to be having a ball. Get in on the fun. - Amy Atkins (Boise Weekly)

"Reveiw of "The Source""

Posted on SEPTEMBER 27, 2006:


By Jennifer Gelband

Apparently Pacific Northwest babies Organic Flood put on a rad live show, and
after a few listens to their first studio album, The Source, I believe it. The
Source tries to capture all the obviously zany chaos of an OF show, but that's a
tall order for a band that prides itself on the live collaboration of the five
glittery musicians.

The Source is sopping with truly complex funk compositions layered with elements
of blues, rock and a smidgen of hip-hop snaps. And it is enjoyable if you have
the ability to imagine yourself at an outdoor hippie concert music
festival--just picture the guy with devil sticks and that long-skirted chick
spinning beanbags on strings. Ooh, don't let it hit you.

The OF vibe rings clearly of influences like Primus and Trey
Anastasio--interestingly, The Source was produced by the same guy those other
bands used. But on simply listening to OF perform, the crafty amalgamation of
their expertise sounds a bit haphazard when there's no visual component to
illustrate all that complexity or do justice to the creative talents of the

Bass player Hayes Burris gets a lot of notoriety on the album, as the bass
stands out as the driver in most of the songs (a la Primus, perhaps), and though
it is interesting to have both a female and a male sharing vocal duties, it adds
to the slapdash feel.

Organic Flood is definitely high-energy and multifarious, which makes for a
positive musical experience, but taking in a live show of such a funky, hip
group of musicians is a must. - Jennifer Gelband (Boise Weekly)


2005 EP - "OF" 4 song demo by Organic Flood
2005 LP - "The Source" Enginereed by OZ Frit
2006 EP - "Organic Flood Live Fall 2006"



Feeling a bit camera shy


Organic Flood is a merging of energies destined to fuse music and words together to create a chemistry so tangible, a mood so danceable, that crowds throughout the Pacific Northwest are fired up and astounded by this crew's creative alchemy.With every show this band steps further into its power, bringing folks music and a message that is strong, healing, and an absolute blast to dance to. The world is ready for Organic Flood and Organic Flood is ready to meet the world.

Music:(the drive)
An eclectic blend of funk, rock, bluesy hip hop, and a unique spice that fans are still trying to define, Organic Flood is pushing at the edge of music with fresh lyrics and sound that reaches people at a profoundly deep level, igniting their personal empowerment. Live, the band is an experiment in high energy with pristine sound production by longtime sound engineer, Mixologist Mike. Grace Tea and The Madd Chadder are electrifying lyrical poets weaving the masculine and feminine views with thought-provoking flows and chants. Seth Miner on guitar tumbles, soars, and leaps dimensions with a keen ear for harmonie and elevating the dynamics of the rhythm section. Hayes Burris on bass is a deft and seasoned musician, bringing in an edgy hardcore funk that anchors the band to the earth's pulse. Ben Bodine on drums is right there with him, tapped into the same heartbeat, investigating unlimited rhythmic potential with his intricate time signatures and fills.

In just two years, the band has developed a loyal fanbase in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana performing at festivals, clubs and radio stations making them the freshest new voice of our hybrid generation. The group is touring in support of their full length album, "The Source", gaining airplay on many radio stations. The album was produced and engineered by Oz Fritz, who received a Grammy for his work with Tom Waits and has also engineered Les Claypool, Trey Anastasio, and Bill Laswell, among others. The band is sponsored by Mendo Mate' and, as a special treat, will be handing out 30 half pound bags of yerba mate' at each performance.

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