Ilion, New York, USA

OrganikSoul combines percussive vocals that throwback to the scat masters along with Texas twang on the six strings and a heavy sounding pocket on the back end. Sure to get you up on your feet and grooving!


Cathie has a voice that quivers with Jazz and quakes with Soul. Her percussive vocal styling has been adequately called a complementary throwback of the great scat masters of the jazz era. Her lyrics are the product of an analytical mind, a soft heart and a sharp Sicilian tongue. Cathie Russo has been on the scene with her original Femme/Funk style since 2001. Brad hails from Texas and it shows in his style. From his funk to his blues you can see the talent instilled from some of the legends that he has had the fortune to play under and with. Shawn has been behind the scenes for many years with multiple bands and has been playing drums since he was banging pots and pans. His style leans toward the heavy side but puts a baby touch on OrganikSouls softer songs with grace. Together they meld to a funktastic groovy journey with some side trips. Enjoy the ride!


Four Tides of the Clearview- Solo release from Cathie Russo

Set List

C Funk
white rabbit/psycho killer
Mr. Big Slick
Diving Duck
write me off
King Bee
scratch my back