organik time machine

organik time machine


We are ready to show the world we accept the challenge to follow in the musical footprints left by the greats such as The Dead and Phish & Bob Marley. We hope your head fills with the music and your feet react to the sounds.


The roots of The Organik Time Machine begin in Darien, CT, where Charlie and Jessie decided to join together to form an acoustic duo dubbed "Bohemian Grove". For the next two years they played music together creating a unique sound that would one day be the backbone of the Organik Time Machine. In the Fall of 2003, Chris joined the band and the three decided it was time to make the move out west. In the spring of 2004 Jessie and Brandt traveled across the country in their VW on a mission to scoop up Charlie, with Chris still waiting in Oregon. That summer, the band (which was by that time the Organik line up) traveled down to Northern California for the National Rainbow Gathering ( It was there that the name "The Organik TIme Machine" was cemented as the official new name of the band. After the Rainbow, Charlie flew back east where he stayed until the spring of 2005 when he moved into the O.T.M. house with the rest of the band.Over the past year we have worked hard and played as many shows as possible to spread our message and music to as many open ears as possible. The mission of Organik time machine is to spread love, peace, compassion,and understanding through our music. Trying to bring positivity and a funky good time to every venue we play. We hope that when you listen to these songs you will listen with an open mind and hopefully youll enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it. Music has the power to unite and has brought so much joy to our lives hopefully we can give a little of that back in our own way. So thank you all and continue to check us out as we evolve and continue our musical mission together.


Live at the Gypsy Blue - Jan 2006

We have a streaming site thru our webpage and We have been on local radio

Set List

We have over 5 hours of music. A set list would be pages long No Covers