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The best kept secret in music


"Leaving Your Track Review"

I first met this artist musically earlier this month in a collaborative effort called Depth Junkees and their 'Alpha' track which I liked noting that it had some good points. Mind you, it had to because it had all of seven minutes to fill, and that - as well know to our cost - is an eternity if the music you've made isn't just right The first thing I noticed when I started hearing Leaving You was he doesn't make a habit of songs of infinity, for which we must be thankful. I do love a bit of a journey but a trek to the fekkin musical poles is a bit beyond even this intrepid explorer.

I played this to death from the instant I heard it. The aural equivalent of Red Bull, except this goes one better and gives you the damn wings!! If Alpha didn't leave that much of impression on me, Leaving You has gone to right to the heart of the matter and sucker punched me in the guts. Even bent double in agony, fearing that the next breath I took may be my last - should I manage to even catch a breath - I had to appreciate the artistic way this had been put together. About the only negative thing I can say about it is that I felt the vocals got to be a bit repetitive but when taken against the rock solid punch of the musical track this is a very, very small quibble. This is a track your speakers are going to love, as exciting and rich an experience as this just has to be shared.

At it's heart Leaving You is pretty much yer standard electronica given some secret ingredient by the masterly Organism, and it developed a pair of stones the size of Jupiter. It's menacing, brooding atmosphere, coupled with a dense, multilayered mix is just perfect - as good as anything out there and better than most. Musically it puts me in mind of some of Jah Wobble's work, but that's a very slight comparison. If Leaving You is indicative of the kind of tracks this artist has up his sleeves, then this is gonna be a treasure trove. S'funny. After Alpha this was exactly the track I wouldn't have expected, not that Alpha was rubbish. T'were'nt. It were good, but Leaving You is so on the money it shows that Organism has some very fluid moves. Oh God, how vewy, vewy twite....

Highly recommended for an energy fix, and a great track besides....

Steve Gilmore
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--steve gilmore - Steve Gilmore,

"Organic Electronic"

organic electronic

To set the week off calmly I have selected a downloadable selection of tracks by an American electronic outfit called Organism who play electronic beats and ambient sounds. Great relaxing lounge music very easy on the ear nothing to upbeat or jarring. Falling somewhere between Orbital and the Orb they describe their sound as Organic electronic and I would certainly file Organism under chill-out, one for late nights or early mornings, or whenever you find yourself crashing into your sofa with your head in the clouds.

MP3 Organism – Organic Music

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"Can You Track Review"

Gently does it with the few opening bars, leading with a soft foreground synth that soon gets a polite nudge backstage as the beats come into play shortly afterwards. It soon becomes apparent that we're dealing with a track containing a more relaxing vibe that feels very laid back and jazzy.

Hard day at work? Had an argument with the missus? Or been stuck in a traffic jam for hours and just want to come home and slump on the sofa in your front room? Here's a tip - burn this one onto a CD, pop it in your hi-fi, crack open a couple of beers, sit back and simply chill. Indeed, Organism has produced an exceptional 'feel good' tune here that really just melts away all those stresses of life - and boy, do those five minutes pass away quickly! I can easily imagine myself listening to this on holiday, sitting on a hotel balcony with a few friends, drinking beer while watching the sun setting over the horizon.

I really enjoyed this (can ya tell?) - I'm a constant sucker for chill-out tracks; and that's not just the ones that keep knocking me out of the Electronica tournaments! Download it, play it, love it!


- Frequen-Cee,


2005 Organism - Intuition
2004 Organism - Organic Electronic


Feeling a bit camera shy


This isn't going to be your usual bio. I'm not going to build myself up as a band or a person so that you take more notice of me. I doubt there's anyone out there that really cares to hear what my childhood was like, where I grew up, and the influences that drew me to music in the first place, because the things that made me the person I am today aren't why you're reading this, and we both know it. What I can tell you is that four years ago I was homeless in new york city, all winter, on the street, just me and a guitar. Using that guitar I managed to make enough to eat and stay content enough to sleep well.

After I went through a shelter, I bought my first piece of studio equipment, a Roland MC-505. I used this groovebox to produce little known tracks on the internet, garner interest in my music by playing live sets at smaller parties, and also used it to sell synth hits and beats through underground sample libraries.

As the money slowly came in, I bought a few more pieces of studio equipment, and built up better songs, and better, more expensive sample libraries. After a while, the live shows and cd sales were paying better than selling samples to other people, so naturally my focused drifted more towards learning how to move crowds and have a truly entertaining live set.

Now today, four years after being homeless, I can tell you that I have a studio that has so many synthesizers that I've had offers from not only large artists but also synth museums to purchase some of the rarer pieces, all of which I've declined, and I'll tell you why. Every piece of studio equipment that I have was bought with money earned from doing something I love, my music, and each sound that my studio creates using everything that I've built up since living with only myself and a guitar tells a story, and that story is that I am very good at what I do, and I do it like a professional. Every time Organism plays a live set as a collective everyone walks out of the venue having taken home something that made that night a more memorable moment in their lives, and that is all you really need to know about me, and about Organism as a band. Thanks for your time