Organized Rhyme

Organized Rhyme

BandHip Hop

A versityle blend of beats and ryhmes forged from the dust of West Texas. A varriety of voices and styles blended into one unique sound and stage pressence.


Coming from an area not known for, nor to welcoming to the hip/hop artist, Organized Rhyme has managed to survive through the years. Their latest release, TOO YOUNG TO DIE, is an expression of the struggles they've faced in that time, both in the music community and in life in general. Too young in their carrers to not succed, too young to suffer financial defeat, too young to quit, and not so metaphorically too young to die.


Organized Rhyme's releases include the 2003 album entitled, RHYTHMIC CONSPIERACYS, and the latest 2008 release of, TOO YOUNG TO DIE.

Set List

Organized Rhyme can accomodate any set length you desire. Songs we've done that you like just request them. We have done sets from 10 minutes to 1 hour.