Organ of Corti

Organ of Corti


Organ of Corti is a Christian screamo band from St. Charles, Missouri. We are dedicated to using our talents for God, and we put everything we have into our music. We love to connect with fans, meet new people, and strive to provide our listeners with a positive message and a powerful live show.


Organ of Corti formed in March of 2006 when Kelsey Mathias (Bass) and Brian Gray (Guitar) left a former project to pursue other artistic endeavors. Wanting to write passionate music with heart-felt lyrics, they began to search for musicians with the same vision. In a matter of weeks, the line-up had been filled, and new material was ready for performing.

Since that time, they have shared the stage with acts such as Pillar(Flicker Records), Showbread(Tooth and Nail), and Evaline(Warner Bros) to name a few. They just finished their new 5 song EP "How Do I Love Thee?" at Jupiter Studios, and they are gearing up to go on the road this spring/summer.

Over the course of the last year both the line-up and music have changed, but the passion for music and performing has not. Organ of Corti plays with heart. Everyone in the band is a Christian, but they don't claim to be perfect. They simply try to express what they believe, the love/pain they have felt, and the hope that is real.


Our new EP "How Do I Love Thee" recorded at Jupiter Studios is available now. We also have a song featured on the Distraught Compilation from Wounded Records.

Set List

Our set list will consist of around 8 original songs ranging from 3-5 minutes each with a total set time of 30-45 minutes. We are all original and play no covers.