Los Angeles, California, USA

Live & electronic! The colorful sound of Colombia’s traditional music mixed with contemporary electronic beats: in-sync visuals, engaging percussive beats and hooky vocals.


One of Spain's most popular electronic bands. If you think of the euphoric, core-of-human-desire implication of the bands name, you'll understand a bit of the potency of this intense act. Just as talking about sex is fun but doing it is a lot more fun, so reading about Orgasmical can give you an idea of what to expect, but only hearing is the real deal. And this artist is required listening.
Revamping about any imaginable style by running through a filter of electronica and Orgasmical kink, employing the electronic element, sizzling guitar work and pop-infused vocal technique, this band touches the emotions of a listener in a unique and unforgettable way.

There's a philosophical bent to Orgasmical's music, not to mention the recognition of the worth of a wide variety of musical styles. Wilhen Reich, the Austrian psychiatrist trained by Freud, believed that most of the mental problems and neurosis came from sexual repression, according to Orgasmical, Screw repression. Orgasmical will have none of that, sexual or otherwise. Everything inspires me, I love all types of good music and have a love for life, arts, sex, love, peace, drinking, Dali, cinema and my favorite bands... Pure lust for life and everything that life implies... says Angeles Barea, lead singer of the band.

The group was an honorable mention nominee in the Los Angeles Music Awards as best electronic single of the year for 2006. Orgasmical has been releasing its music upon the planet since 1998. Three CDs have sold in excess of 35,000 in Spain and Japan with minor promotional efforts. 2003 saw the band share compilation space with Moby, Coldplay and The Pet Shop Boys on an EMI release. The band's music hit the rotation on MTV Europe, radio and television. Orgasmical has performed in the same concerts as such acts as Prodigy and Beck. Three films have also used music from this group of artists.

For their farewell album, Orgasmical has recorded new songs with producer John X Volaitis, who has also worked with The Rolling Stones, U2 and Tricky, within others. Other artists who took part in the recording of the Orgasmical 2012 album are Jerry Best, bass/guitar (Courtney Love & Dio); Alfy Martins, keys/piano (Charlie Garcia) and Jorge Jimenez, electric guitar.


2012 - Digital Album :: 2008

Set List

Hollywood Cries
Till Death Do Us Apart
Nothings Free
El Lago de Los Cisnes
Heroes Die
Strong Woman
Surfing In the City
Funk Me