Gainesville, Florida, USA

Honest, melodic indie rock from Gainesville, FL. Oriflamme as a term is defined as: an ideal representing courage and/or devotion. As a band: setting their heart against the framework of rock to yield a sound that, while wrought with emotion, keeps its audience moving to a spirited beat.


Broken strings and broken hearts have had Oriflamme fans hooked since 1998 when three girls got together and decided that they were going to create strong, stylish music come hell or high water. The quirky trio soon found themselves battling power outages, rat infestations, and the girl-group stereotypes that predominate a booming music town. Luckily, heart-felt harmonic hooks and an unassuming sense of badass saved Oriflamme from falling into any one type of sound. Now they're committed to saving the world chord-by-chord. The band's history spans a deep-rooted friendship and a strong commitment to benefit causes. Today, they're still screamin' and crooning with a willingness to stand for what's right and a sound that's as dynamic and sincere as the heart itself.

Since the birth of this band in late 1998 Oriflamme has been one of the best hidden secrets out there. Hotties in disguise. A magical music that has been buried and hidden like a secret treasure. Oriflamme has been featured on a compilation CD titled Calling all Kings and Queens that features other well known talented acts such as The Butchies and Le Tigre.


2000- S/T CD (limited edition, cover art: Sheena Click)

2001- Calling All Kings and Queens

(a compilation CD release by Mr. Lady Records, featuring Le Tigre, Sleater-Kinney, Amy Ray, the Butchies, Kiki & Herb, to name a few...)

2005 V-Fest Compilation CD

Inspired by V-day (www.vday.org). V-Fest was conceived on November 15, 2003, when Florida local bands featuring female musicians were asked to perform for charity, specifically benefiting Peaceful Paths abuse shelter in Gainesville, Florida. Venues, bands, and friends enthusiastically got involved, and in February of 2004, the first annual V-Fest was born in Gainesville, Florida.

2006 'More', second CD album release (date tent.)

Set List

Typical set list is anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the show. Sample set list:
Three Hours
Thunder VS. Lightning
Prettiest Girl
The Distance
My Own Private Ryan
Its About Time
(It Must Be) A Scorpio Thing