Origami Cat Plan

Origami Cat Plan

 Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

We're a little future-space-a-funk-a-riffic outfit designed to make people move and groove and have a little fun. Simple as that.


It would appear that our sound is a little hard to describe, but here it goes: we're a group that have pretty much decided that borders between genres are meant to be broken (or at least bent a little). Two of our members trained as jazz musicians, so aspects of that come into play, and we all like things a little funky sounding. We're influenced by J-Urban music (m-flo especially), Bootsy Collins, Prince, Wu-Tang Clan, BoA, A Tribe Called Quest, Jimmy Smith, K-Pop, Thelonius Monk, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and far too many other things to list here. We've been told by quite a few people that our sound is pretty unique, and I guess it probably is, but we just make music that sounds good to us. Other people seem to like it too, so that's a bonus. I guess the best way to sum us up is with an excerpt from the bio I wrote for our iLike page, which uses our stage names - here it is:

"An electronic blur and purring, folded beats wrapping around themselves until everything you know is like an urban technodelic dream. Princess Koneko sings and smiles, Kaji no Joou hits the harmonics across the board, Groove Ninja strums and clicks, and Maestro Shinken brings it all around - down on the one. Origami Cat Plan is a band that is never content to keep the same shape for long. Always changing and getting better with every new fold, you’ll find that just when you think you know who they are, they’ve turned into something different. And you like them better because of it. Kitten cool’s in vogue this year - make sure you get some. "

Yeah, that's probably the best description.



Written By: Paul Schubach

We got a laid back little groove
but it's bound to make you move
and that's a fact, baby
yeah, that's a fact
it's techno-cyber-psychedelic -
a 21st century party relic
for all the future kids
when they're feeling archeological - dig?
now, we're about to start the show
aboard our funky Groove.F.O.
and take a little trip
around the stars...
to the Paper Feline Constellation
this here's your cosmic invitation
now, don't you wanna come?
yeah, baby, don't you wanna come?

'cause the party's gettin' loud
yeah, and the groove is goin' down
oh, now, the party's gettin' loud
and the girls are gettin' down...
are you ready?

Oh, now, slip into our spacetimewarp -
it's waitin' right outside your door
to take you to the party
yeah, baby, straight into the groove
we wanna teleport you, baby, into cosmic bliss
this here funky jam's a little sonic kiss
so throw yourself into it -
yeah, you know just what to do...
oh, it's tasty groovalicious -
this dish of interstellar wishes
so put your mind at ease
and just enjoy the ride
'cause there's no obscured agenda
oh, just let the music send ya
into a Cat Plan Wonderland
yeah, that's all I'm talkin' 'bout!

now, the party's gettin' loud
yeah, and the groove is goin' down
oh, now, the party's gettin' loud
and all the girls are gettin' down...
are you ready?

Oh, now hold up just a minute
while we push it to the limit
ain't no time to quit it, baby
'cause this scene is gettin' hot
yeah, all supernova sexy
with a groove you don't expect, see
oh, it's comin' out of nowhere
it can go just where you want
yeah, midfield-rightfield-leftfield
it's the real deal, don't you feel we'll
get it right tonight now, baby
if you let yourself get down?
'cause the paradigm is shifting -
all this time the rhyme's been drifting
to a love event horizon
and it's too late to turn 'round
and I got 19 seconds left now
to impress with what I'm sayin'
and I know the rhyme is blazin'
but it really doesn't faze me
though in case you missed my point
I might as well go and break it down now for you, baby -
if you want love
then you know I got some for sure
if you want love
then tell me - what you waitin' for?

Now, you may finally understand
the design of this Cat Plan -
we only want to make you purr
with pure delight...
see, it's all about connection
in our kitten cool dimension
and we're united by the groove -
you know that's right!
oh, no one's really out of place
now, baby, way out here in space
see, we all got the same thing on our minds -
yeah, love and understanding's
really all this scene's demanding
so get yourself into it, baby
and get on up and dance!

oh, 'cause the party's gettin' loud
yeah, and the groove is goin' down
oh, now, the party's gettin' loud
and all the girls are gettin' down...

are you ready?


We're finishing up recording our first album 'Interstellar Groove Manual' right now. We're planning on an April release.

Set List

Folding Lesson #1
Get On
Interstellar Groove
Supercosmicrazy!!! (interlude)
Down To The Groove
Here We Go Again
Get Love