Origen aka Will Stanton

Origen aka Will Stanton

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Too hip hop for the indie kids and too indie for the hip hop kids.


Origen aka Will Stanton has been performing under his hip hop moniker since 2003, but during the decade prior he’d been playing in indie/punk bands. As an emcee with a decidedly unconventional background as far as this genre typically goes, Origen has crafted an album that is difficult to define and categorize. Toronto producer Adept lays the foundation with dark, jazz-inflected, head-nodding beats while Origen delivers passionate, intelligent lyrics that can be read as letters to people in his life.

Origen has performed with all types of bands and groups, from Tha Pharcyde to Gym Class Heroes to Zao, and has recorded unique collaborations with the frontmen of The Juliana Theory and Triggers.

Letters is available in Pittsburgh at Brave New World (Oakland), Eide's (Downtown), Paul's (Bloomfield), 720 Records (East Liberty), Dave's (South Side), Joseph Beth Booksellers (South Side), Kharisma (North Side) and The Exchange (7 Locations). "Letters" is also available in Cleveland, Ohio at Bent Crayon, Record Revolution, CD/Game Exchange and The Exchange (Lakewood).

Order online at cdbaby.com and 720records.com

Download from iTunes, Sony Connect and Napster

Retailers can order through Galaxy Music Distribution (www.galaxymusic.com)


Sleep Enthusiast

Written By: C. Miskis

The hopeless romantic, so fragile it's tragic. Time after time getting tied to these plastic explosives. The motives are noticed as habit. Poof! There it went with resenment like magic. The 13th of June under a full moon. We're not there yet, we're gonna get there soon. The 13th of May on a Friday: Not the prime time for the subject on our minds. Begins right but then rapidly declines. Showing itself to be previously undefined. Suddenly displayed in the right amount of light. It seems so dark you wonder how we got here tonight. It's not you or me or the environment we're hiding in; merely a scream that fights against silencing. We're rivaling the classic black and white type films again. I'm dying in the passive act of bribing you to fill me in. So you scribble it down on the flipside of the envelope my man Rico sent. It went, "I don't know how I get myself into these situations. Or why. I feel like two different people and by the time I realize what I'm doing, it's too late."

So wait. 18 months from our first date. It hits me like my birthday cake, my works fake. Cut. Stop. The main plot met its worst fate. Let it terminate. A heart can only break so much. It seems meaningless and empty. Only helps the evil grow strong so it can tempt me. Its sexy but that's about it. And what a shame. You really do need to two to play this certain type of mind game. My mind frame was triangular. Didn't mean to anger her. Maybe she senses danger. Maybe since it was another anniversary she's cursing me but speculation's not in the equation of adversity. That 13th of June, I penned a cool tune. From the couch to the bedroom I led you to swoon. It felt so perfect it was worth it and I still know. Even though you got to work out, your pillow will always have the scent of what it meant to say sweet dreams and mean it. To discuss our discreet scenes and leave it up to something that will work it out eventually. If you're sent to me... If not, I gotta let it be. And find a way to understand.

"I don't know how I get myself into these situations. Or why. I feel like two different people and by the time I realize what I'm doing, it's too late."

I wish you the best. Maybe later we'll connect. But right now it feels like there's no beating in my chest.


Letters LP (2006) Strike Two Records
Sixty Forty LP (2005) Strike Two Records
Memories of the Future Mixtape (2004)
The Taxman EP (2003)
For Everybody in the Cheap Seats EP (2002)

featured on Sun Rise Above - Global Warning LP

mp3s can be heard at www.myspace.com/origen and www.purevolume.com/origen

Multiple tracks from Letters have received airplay on Pittsburgh's 105.9 FM Edge of the X

Both LPs have received airplay on college radio in Pittsburgh WPTS, WRCT, WSVC, etc and numerous indie web stations

Set List

Sets range from 10 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the circumstances. The typical set is about 25 minutes.

I Insist
Big Mouth
Love is Real
Right Where I Need You
Sleep Enthusiast

Origen has shared the stage with Fatlip of the Pharcyde, Gym Class Heroes, P.O.S., Heiruspecs, Hangar 18, Ohmega Watts, Typical Cats, Zao, Voice in the Wire, Nyco, Jack Wilson, Verse, Rep Life, Grand Buffet, Astronautalis, DJ Big Wiz, Charon Don, Hands Down, Davu Flint, DJ Eyamme, Omar Abdul, Sun Rise Above, The Code, The Takeover UK, My Sexiest Mistake, Black Tie Revue, Triggers, Omega Love, Lucid Music, Eviction Notice, Solid Ground, Dos Noun, Icon the Mic King, Proseed, Sole Vibe, Beats n Verbz, The Sexes, The Revolvers, The ZZZ, Developer, Vale and Year, Creta Bourzia, The OPD, Hessians, Artists Over Industry, Edotkom, Rime Royal, Catastrophic Minds, Apollo's Sun, The Visiting, Kamikabe, A is A, Fangs of the Panda, Point of Attack, Midnite Snake, Two Sexy Beasts, Of Mili