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"Getting Hip With Literature"

"Dudley, whose rap name is Origin... has been at Giffen for six years since the beginning of his career, and says bringing hip-hop into the classroom helps students feel more comfortable with poetry."

"Dudley fights stigmas that impair many urban schools, the notions that students' constantly misbehave, and parents never care... Just last week, Dudley held a poetry night for parents to see their children's work and sign the back of the poetry books."

"One of the keys to working in an inner city school is to reach out to the community." "Dudley takes strides to accomplish this. At the beginning of each year, he makes home visits to each and every one of his fifth graders, introducing himself to parents."

"He contends that like many suburban schools, he has students who are advanced in the same room and he makes it a point to challenge them." "I have students learning 8th grade spelling words," he said. We don't just focus on students that aren't doing well."

"The 28-year-old emcee and educator is using his music to further reach out to the community. He has started an online forum through his music website www.originalrap.com to help parents, teachers and students keep in touch and communicate." - The Troy Record

"Rappin' Raconteur Makes the Grade"

"Albany elementary school teacher Jeremy Dudley pries open students' minds with the usual classroom tools - books and homework - but blends in his own brand of hip hop. Its a remix of classroom culture. His CD This is Me, under his rap name Origin, breaks out with 20 songs. His lyrics power on the lights to look into dangerous media and mainstreem myths about money, looks, self-esteem, violence....Many of his songs are inspired by his students and the life stories they carry to class from the streets like backpacks."

"I admire him because he sticks to productive educational script," said colleague John Harris, who runs the family resource center at Giffen. "Its not degrading...it's mesages that need to be heard." "it's a conscious style," Dudley says, dissimilar from some of the more destructive music on commercial radio."

"With background beats of drums, high-hat cymbals and violins, along with scratching vinyl, Dudley's songs implore students not to "dres like clones, following advice like mindless drones." He raps about media distortion and how magazine ads plant seeds of insecurity. He alerts listeners to the music videos and hip hop songs that glorify violence and degrade women. In his class, and in his music, he urges students to press their ears to the word. "In class, we talk about how can we use words to construct something powerful," Dudley says. On his CD, in hip hop talk, he explains, "Irresponsibility's a Killer.""

"Dudley's music affects his students in many ways, especially when it reflects their own stories, like the song "Come Home Dad" written for the ones who do not know their fathers. "Through music, our relationship got so much deeper," Dudley said." - New York Teacher


This Is Me (2005)
It's The Conquest Benefit CD (2003)
Rock The Mic (2002)



A rapper that teaches? A teacher that raps? The perhaps unexpected answer to both of these questions is, yes. With a passion for Hip Hop, and a commitment to educating our youth, Origin brings a personal and unique perspective to the world of Hip Hop music. Many artists claim to be for the kids, but few are so committed that they cease to make music that promotes and glorifies violence and destruction. Fewer still are so committed to their beliefs that they personally work with the youth and facilitate meaningful change. Origin is a true Hip Hop artist with that level of commitment to our communities.
Origin creates high quality, thought provoking Hip Hop music. His lyrics stress open-mindedness, self-awareness, independence and flow naturally over diverse Hip Hop production sounding reminiscent of golden era Hip Hop. With content ranging from battle to concept, an emotional range of light-hearted to disconcerting, and a tempo range from upbeat to slower dramatic tracks, Origin consistently creates honest, personal, and relevant music.
Origin has performed for several years in and around Albany, New York at various venues ranging from privately owned bars to the Pepsi Arena. He has repeatedly performed for Albany’s First Night Celebration and the annual Labor Movement Meets the Hip Hop Movement Festival, in Albany. His live shows feature audience participation as he is able to quickly build rapport with crowds. Origin has repeatedly been featured on the Supafriends radio show (91.5, WRPI), and DJ Bake’s radio show (90.9, WCDB). A news story featuring Origin’s dual role as educator and emcee was aired on News Channel 10 (WTEN) in 2003. Origin was named "Educator of the Week" in January of 2006 by News Channel 13 (WNYT). Origin’s CD releases include the Rock The Mic E.P. (2003), It’s The Conquest Benefit CD (2003), and This Is Me (debut full-length 2005), along with appearances on several other projects.
Origin is a truly dedicated emcee, and a thoroughly committed educator. He has become known as a positive voice in the 518 Hip Hop scene, and as a dynamic educator in the city of Albany. He has received media recognition for his efforts in Hip Hop, and in the classroom. Origin wants to start meaningful discussions with his music. To further accomplish this he has incorporated a forum on his website. So while some may make claims about who they are and what they represent, Origin truly is an emcee/educator working for positive change in our communities.