Original Black Pantah

Original Black Pantah


Tropical Records Inks A Landmark Distribution Deal With The Newly Formed Gee Cee Records and Dancehall Superstar Original Black Pantah. The Original Black Pantah signs worldwide recording deal at Tropical Records.


Tropical Records Inks A Landmark Distribution Deal With The Newly Formed Gee Cee Records and Dancehall Superstar Original Black Pantah.

The Original Black Pantah signs worldwide recording deal at Tropical Records.

Don Lichterman of Tropical / Sunset Recordings, Inc. announces a well publicized landmark recording and distribution deal with the newly created reggae, dancehall and world music record label Gee Cee Records to market, promote and distribute dancehall superstar, Original Black Pantah. "The Original Black Pantah is one the greatest dancehall reggae performers in this specific style of music. When I saw him on You Tube playing live, I knew that I had to whatever was needed to get him signed to the label. Pantah is an incredible addition to our artist roster at Tropical," Don Lichterman said from New York City. The first release from the Original Black Pantah under the newly signed Tropical/Sunset Records venture with Gee Cee is setting up to record and release brand new material later on this year in 2009.

The well known artist is known for his high-level of energy at his live shows, the Original Black Pantah a/k/a Neville Folkes is one of the few dancehall acts that have the ability to crossover his music into mainstream styles and over many radio formats. The newly recorded CD, Project Reggaeologist is expected to be a top seller for the Tropical Record label. In addition to the new CD in the works, Original Black Pantah has plans to play a major music festival in Montego bay, Jamaica, will also hit the road supporting the new CD due out later this year. Pantah says that he is “thankful for the Sunset Records connection; SWEET!”

A long time partner with George Campbell, the Original Black Pantah signed with his Gee Cee Marketing Company, and now his Gee Cee Records and the upstart label / Management Company is ready to have this artist crossed over into more of a mainstream audience with his current underground UK dance club hit single "I Am A Buffalo Solider." And Gee Cee’s other artist is the legendary, I Kong, also signed to the label this week. Don Lichterman, the head of Tropical / Sunset says regarding the distribution and label deal with Tropical / Sunset, “the Original Black Pantah is one of the most excited artists in the world and I cannot tell you how psyched I am to work this music this year. And, for many years because I am planning on announcing a label deal with George’s (Campbell), and with his two signings at Gee Cee, we are not only gonna take this style of dancehall music to another amazing level, we get to work a legend with I Kong.” “These are two of best signings at the label to this day and I cannot wait to start working these guys. I expect big things from both artists for many years,” says Lichterman.

George Campbell, President of Gee Cee Records says about his artist: "Original Black Pantah has worked internationally his entire life playing his music, but I have noticed so much motivation to succeed with his music today. I welcome this signing and Don Lichterman's guidance for both Pantah and I Kong. I look forward to a lasting successful relationship with Sunset and Tropical Records. This is the level we need to be at making sure this music in major retail and worked to more than one radio format." Tropical Records / Sunset Records Founder Don Lichterman comments that, "it’s great to now be working with George (Campbell), Pantah, I Kong and creating an A&R driven label with Gee Cee Records and I can now feel that my business plan for the world music label has taken great shape in one swoop."

Tropical Records, established in 2007 on the island of Jamaica is the stand alone world music, reggae styled and Caribbean Music Record Company at Sunset Records. Sunset is fast becoming one of the largest independent labels in the United States, and can boast to having top 50 songs playing on the Urban Radio Stations with its up and coming hip-hop-flavored and upbeat dancehall style of music. The 2007 release of Cryout’s catalog of recorded music and Stondie’s Indy Island hit song paved the way for these two signings. The label also released the Pleasure Of The Caribbean CD with the Menus and Music Production Company and these releases helped catapult the Jamaica-born label to have the ability to sign two of reggae music’s household names today.

Sunset Records is one of the world's pre-eminent independent entertainment companies in the world today. Sunset already has innovative ventures including more than distributing music and the label encompasses a wide range of businesses including music publishing, a digital only record label, a live download company, an all live radio network, an Urban record company, a jazz label, a classical record label, a home video company, a special markets company, a company that sells environmental goods and company that sells products never tested on animals. Sunset is the label that has signed leg