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These are four guys who are best friends that love making music together. Their music can be described as a wavy form of energy that brings a massive blow of crunky vibes and raw sound -- but as the tide settles you are left with a jazzy, soul type of music full of authentic integrity.


Original Melody is a band of four friends who play and create Hip-Hop music together.
Living in Reykjavik, Iceland, the four grew up moving in different circles but it
was their love for Hip-Hop culture which unified them and sparked the beginning
of the Original Melody crew in 2001. Several years, 100s of songs, 5 mixtapes, and
one LP album later, Original Melody has made it´s mark on the Icelandic Hip-Hop
scene and established a strong following. Their Debut album Fantastic Four was
released in 2006 and sold very well. In 2008 the four plan to release their sophomore
album and are looking abroad for new avenues to expose their music.


Back N Forth

Written By: Original Melody

Back N Forth
Back N Forth
Back N Forth
Back N Forth x 8

Lets Go
Let your dime and chest show
And yes yo
Give me two hits of fresh flow
and Presto
With the beat aggresso
and me the best yo
move your feet and lets go
and lets go
Into your b-boy stance and
Dance tomorrow with chemical romance
Everybody's dancing
Throwing up their hands and
The walls are all glancing
Holding on your brands and
Retreat advance and
The grounds all shaking
This is what you get when you buy home bacon
This is what you get cause emcee's not faking
This is what you get 'cause this is what we making!

Back N Forth
Back N Forth
Back N Forth
Back N Forth x 8

When I grab the mic I loc
They wondering what type of dope
I do or where's the pipe I smoke
But fo sheeezy!
I don't do no type of dope
And I don't really like to smoke
So never grab the mic and choke
And its easy!
I do it like I'm sipping water
100% chance of spitting dope so dont flip the quarter
And I can flip the rhyme like Granny with her pancakes
Or cars up in the city when Bruce Banner on a rampage
So let your man rage
I spit it up out my booty
So when they ask me why I do it 'cause I consider it to be my duty (doody)
Rappers grab the mic and motherfuckers they be babbling
I'm not having it, spitting in up in the worst way
The spit it makes me happy just like, its my birthday!
And in the first place I spray it like I'm jacking off
So please admire the way, that I go back and forth

Back N Forth
Back N Forth
Back N Forth
Back N Forth x 8

You might be dope, but Imagery is always doper
Don't like to smoke but either way I'm gonna smoke ya
You gonna cry like Travolta
Imagery the white version of Oprah
I'm the best I'm the motherf)(*ing Ultra
I spit poison I"ma motherf&$ing cobra
F$(k CocaLoca, man I aint got no ecstacy
Fresh like a soda, at least I'm always fresh to me
You know I quote ya, by saying I'm the best emcee
They think its meant to be so blame it on the destiny
O.Melody I'm Imagery I'm spitting it out
I'm diggin you You diggin me no diggedy doubt
I'm thinking about to bring it to you raw
So I bring it to yall, and when I bring it you're like awww shiiii
Yea I bring it to you raw, and when I bring it your like aww shiiii!

Back N Forth
Back N Forth
Back N Forth
Back N Forth x 8


Fantastic Four - LP, Released april 5th, 2006

Music from the Fantastic Four can be found on our myspace site www.myspace.com/originalmelody

Set List

The set list differs from venue to venue. We are used to playing 30 minute sets that are usually custom made for each venue. We usually do about seven or eight songs with live MPC interludes, skits, and freestyles -- non-stop action.

We do not do cover songs.