Original Soul

Original Soul

 Dallas, Texas, USA
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Original Soul is a multi-talented musician who bridges the gap between R&B/Soul and Hip-Hop with a style and flavor that is all his own.


Original Soul is a man blessed with a gift to reach into your heart and enlighten your mind with his realism and insight. In a watered-down era of rap music, Original Soul stands out with his lyrical skills and fearless approach to topics rarely discussed by the majority of artists considered "successful". His versatility is unparalleled, easily transitioning between rap and song with comparisons to D'Angelo and Mos Def, although he lists names like KRS-One, Guru, Talib Kweli, The Roots, and Common when asked of his influences.

Three of Original Soul's most popular songs are built around topics that are mostly ignored by today's artists. "Beautiful" is an ode to the respect women deserve, yet rarely receive. The pain in his voice delivers honesty with lines like: "Never gave it a second thought until I seen that black bruise on her arm‌now I ain't jumpin' to conclusions, but if she's fightin' with her man she's losin." Follow that with the tribute "Single Mother" and you will recognize the insightful truth Original Soul speaks. Then he takes the weight of the world on his shoulders as he leads you down the cold streets in his song "Winter Coat" and pleads "Stop passing these people by." He has the rare talent and ability to take a club crowded full of hardcore Hip-Hop heads and have them all singing along to a song that is built around the topic of homelessness. It's funny to hear him tell the story of when he was booed off stage at a High School talent show when you witness the connection he makes with crowds today.

To meet Original Soul is refreshing. There is no gimmick, no flash, and no swagger. He is humble and has a pure personality that is so amazingly unique that the moniker Original Soul is truly befitting. Original Soul is a native of Dallas Texas and has long worked with local artists on many levels. He has produced tracks for numerous artists, along with producing the music score for the Soul Rep Theatre Company's stage play "Noxide Square" (2002) which received stellar reviews from critics for the Dallas Morning News and Ft. Worth Star-Telegram. He has appeared on several mixtapes including "NOMMO: Lyrical Alchemy Vol.1", "Scremix Vol. 1", The 1,000 Mile Dash Series, and "Dude Where's My Shades (M.A.R.Z. Mixtape) vol. 2". He has a long list of credits leading up to the success of the "The Glass Album". His current work, 'Pure: Reflections Of Self And Beyond', is critically acclaimed and sets him apart from normal hip-hop acts with his blend of spokenword, hip-hop and R&B.

Original Soul has a unique sound with subject matter built around topics that his community can and should relate to. Positive with the edge of street sense and honesty‌Original Soul is the truth.


Discography: Separation (1999); Lesson Plans (2000); Applied Knowledge (2001); Old Man Ghetto (2002); Soul And Blues (2003); Escape From The Outside (2003); Lets Talk About Us (2005); The Glass Album (2007); Pure: Reflections Of Self And Beyond (2009); Life Changing Vol.1: The Voice (2010)

Set List

I generally like to keep my set between 15-20 minutes depending on the crowd, and exhibit material from the most current project, and throw in a sample of something in the future. For example, since my latest album, I usually will start with the second hottest song on the album (Day Job), a song NOT on the album (Mudslinging), the hit single (Work Dat), and leave the audience with one to grow on (Unfortunate). I tend to do shows that will get the crowd involved early, and then leave them with something to think about on their way home.