The Originals
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The Originals

Rochester, New York, United States | INDIE

Rochester, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop R&B




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The Originals pride themselves on sounding better live than on CD, or MP3. The veterans in the group provide performance savvy, punching power and, stamina, while the youthful part of the group brings energy, cleverness and charisma. Having worked or performed with artists from, Suave House, Platinum PED, A&R Select, World Dignity, Black Dog, Street Music DJ’s, and more. The group has announced several forth coming projects. They are singles from the forth coming album “The City of ROJ”. Songs entitled “Who Stole da Souls”, “ILL Heist”, “Holla At Me”, and R&B songs entitled “Playing Games”, “Waterfalls” and a host of songs that will released over the next three months.




What does it mean to be it? Why would you inspire to do it? The Originals displays the eccentric genius it takes to be just that. Most artists in or on there way to the open market are there based on the feeling that they are able to replicate what the entertainment world is about. What happened to the concept of delivering what the entertainment world is known for…being Original.

The Music

The Originals innate talent truly offers the audience a brain-swirling mixture of sharp word play and irresistible hooks. The way this group is laying down the grooves over tight big beats will have your soul dancing with excitement. The group believes that music is the artists’ heart speaking directly to the spirit of another. “The style of music I do is different because of the energy and thought that goes into making an original song that fans will appreciate”, says OriginalDiL of the group.

Society & Survival

Life today presents a host of new challenges as well as classic hurdles dressed up in modern garb. HIPHOP music in its original state was used to speak to the issues of society and its survival. Now because of the fabrication and cloning of artists HIPHOP music is used to push the agenda of living a commercial life style. The Originals are staying true to HIPHOP, “Yes I would still do music if no monetary gain was involved, music is everything to me, and it’s my life” says JO Dempsey of The Originals.
One of our last true soul-cry expressions is being subliminally dictated to us in how we accept it. What makes it good music or bad, hot or wack as they say?