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Our style is driven by paving our own lane by experimenting with new flows and melodies, challenging ourselves each time we create a track. Being inspired by the wordplay of groups such as Run Dmc, The Beastie Boys,and Cypress Hill have definitely rubbed off on the chemistry we have.


Since Shawn "Origix" Featherston and Tim "D.C." Patterson met in Jr.High School in September of 1993 their passion for hip hop music was undeniable; influenced by the golden era of Hip Hop, when Skills and variety where important, way before any Detroit Artist was known as a major player in the music industry. Origix & D.C. had to take matters into their own hands to participate in a culture they lived and believed in so much. Forming a group together in 1995, they created albums on cassette tapes and made mixes at home, also getting on-site experience of marketing a record by selling tapes to friends throughout metro Detroit High Schools. After graduation, the duo advanced to more professional studios.While gaining experience playing Midwest show dates they worked hard to secure funds to press and distribute their product. The two, known as dedicated fans and artists of Detroit music needed to find another outlet to get others and themselves heard by the masses.

Origix & D.C. took a break from recording their own music, putting their focus on enrolling in a Radio program at 89.3 WHFR.FM at Henry Ford Community College, the only radio station in the Detroit area who gave their music air time. After taking the right steps and accomplishing the required courses to be a part of Whfr.fm staff they where given a time slot. It was now the time to let others hear the talent Origix & D.C. have supported for so long. On April 20th of 2002 The Zone Radio was born on the far end of the FM Dial in a time when commercial radio was changing even more drastically than before. Origix & D.C felt like it was their calling and mission to expose what Real Hip Hop was and still is. Guest's on The Zone range from Talib Kweli, Cypress Hill, Yukmouth, Tech N9ne, Black Milk, Kid Cudi, Bizzy Bone, Slug of Atmosphere and Twizitid, Just to name a few. For four hours every Saturday night listeners are able to hear a new play list of independent music, news, live performance and information about artist's. Aside from being on air, The Zone has put on some legendary events around Michigan. With the demand and expansion of the Internet Origix & D.C. have established www.2raw4fm.com where they host uncut podcast mixes of The Zone Radio world wide and serves as the home of anything their involved in. Origix writes a Column in Real Detroit Weekly as well as many web site networks, trying to get the voice of the underground heard.

Over seven years later, Origix & D.C have completed an album of new material and are back to offer their perceptive on the rap game and life. The two childhood friend's have seen a lot and have come a long way, they have something new to offer Hip hop fan's and the youth of today with the knowledge they gained. Origix & D.C. went back to the lab in 2007 and broke ground on what today is "The Resume" an album that showcases the way they lay down rhymes and produce music. The Resume is a lyrical background check that provides proof these two veterans of Detroit hip hop still have what it takes to be relevant in today's flooded talent pool, 2009 is the perfect time to return to the mic and to promote another product under the 2raw4fm.com brand name. The future is now.



Origix & D.C-The Resume-2009 (CD/Online)
Origix & D.C-Final Mix-2006 (CD/Online)
FI-Staarz-On Bump-2001 (CD)
Refomed Illuzionz-Tha E.P.-1999 (CD/Cassette)
Origix-Blow Up-1998-(Cassette)
Refomed Illuzionz-Rookiez Ov The Year-1997(Cassette)
Origix-Bac 2 Da Lab-1996 (Cassette)


Static (Demo Version)-2009-2raw4fm Vol.7
Something to smoke to-2009--2raw4fm Vol.6
Sewer World-2008-2raw4fm Vol.4
Dehydrator-2008-2raw4fm Vol.4
Check Out (Demo Version)-2008-2raw4fm Vol.3
Midi Connect w/Excel--2008-2raw4fm Vol.2
Remedy for Detroit-2007-Detroit Remedy Clothing Mix tape Vol.2

Set List

Typical set can range anywhere from 10-30 Minutes . Set List consist of Latest recorded Material, might cover some old school classics. Giving you a new stage show each time out,

Also Available to Host Event's