ORiiiON is a Progressive Electronic Visual Rock Experience Project. "Prog-Tronic Visual Rock" is the official term ORiiiON uses to describe their music. ORiiiON has a full length Sci-Fi projection video show and LED light production that accompanies ORiiiON’s live musical performance.

ORiiiON performs throughout the Midwest US Region and is beginning to make a name for themselves as an unique Audio-Visual Experience Project.


Hailing from the mile high city of Denver, the members of ORiiiON produce and perform an immersive audio-visual experience. The combination of wonderfully cinematic sci-fi visuals, and an immersive, progressive, electronic, rhythmic rock show will leave you floating on stardust. The result is a spectacle that will leave any observer craving more.

ORiiiON is an independently music theater project. The musical approach is heavy, groove based, melodic, and contemporary. The combination of 7 string guitars, fat slap bass lines, gnarly pocket drum grooves, and huge electronic tracks will shake the foundations of the building as well as the listeners ideas of contemporary music. See it. Hear it. Feel it. Believe it. ORiiiON