Ori Rakib

Ori Rakib

 Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, ISR

Making music is not my job, its not a hobby, its me. People ask what kind of music i make, not an easy task to answer that. Its safe to say that I've subconsciously taken the classics and added my own twist to create something unique.


I was born in Israel and moved to California at the age of 4.
At 18 after dreaming of a college education i found myself dressed in green saying yes sir to my officer in the Israeli defense force.
Life as I've experienced thus far is dynamic. One day your here the next you're there, and as long as you are learning new things it really doesn't matter. As a boy i grew up listening to all the mainstream pop i can get my hands on. From the backstreet boys to jay-z over the years I got a feel of what was popular among young people. Then one day I heard Dark Side Of the Moon and all has changed... awed by my "new discovery" I started developing in that direction.Pink Floyd, Nick Drake and Loads of Radiohead mixed with some cure, bowie and coldplay The rest is history.
I used to rap and sing in the shower like all the others who wanna be. Two of the right people happened to hear me for about 30 seconds singing half a verse and a chorus and took a chance... Like a volcano i erupted and during a span of two years I have created an album (along with my two producers/co-band members), learned to play the guitar and am ready to move forward doing what i was born to do.


Have had local radio play but haven't released anything thus far.