London, England, GBR

ORKA play Nordic bass topped with icy vocals. ORKA always deliver intense live shows using machines and SELF-BUILT ECO-FRIENDLY instruments.


On a small farm in the Faroe Islands, ORKA began creating music using instruments they had crafted from agricultural tools. Now based in London, they have played venues and festivals all over the world and collaborated with popular acts in the modern music scene including LV (Hyperdub), Greta Svabo Bech, Dälek, and Yann Tiersen.
ORKA are touring their latest album Leipzig (chosen as album of the month at Rough Trade). Live the duo's trademark custom-built instruments and dark sonics are fused with sedated resounds from ambient bass topped with icy North Atlantic vocals. 


"This is easily one of the most individual and exciting acts to appear in a long time"
- Clash Music (UK)

"The Fly is twatted across the chops with dumbstruck awe... Charismatic, absurdly talented and possibly the most original band we’ve ever witnessed"
- The Fly (UK)

- Record of the Day (UK)

“Music with brains, heart and balls!”
- Dimmalætting (FO)

ORKA live video: https://youtu.be/9E1fhdm69tk


2007. Livandi oyða [Album]
2009. Yann Tiersen - P.A.L.E.S.T.I.N.E. [ORKA remix]
2010. ÓRÓ [Album]
2011. Valravn - Koder på snor [ORKA remix]
2012. FØROYAR 5.2 [EP/DVD]
2012. Live at Trans Musicales [Album]
2014. Leipzig [Album]
2015. Dimmalætting [Single]
2015. Grind [Single]

Set List