Orkestra Rumpilezz

Orkestra Rumpilezz


Created by conductor, composer, arranger and saxophonist Letieres Leite in 2006, the Orchestra Rumpilezz is a Afro-Brazilian brass and percussion group, where the compositions as well as the arrangements are conceived as part of the rhythmic designs of the Bahian Universe of Percussion.


The Orkestra Rumpilezz:
The compositions are inspired by the beats of the Orixas (saints) of the cult of “Candomble”, as well as the great percussion communities, such as the “Ile Aiye”, “Olodum” and “Sambas do Reconcavo”, among other rhythmic influences. The accompaniment is composed of a brass orchestra, arranged similarly to big bands, trough conceived in a contemporary style, influenced by jazz, and marked by improvisations similar to those associated with film soundtracks.
In these compositions, the melodies seek to remain faithful to the rhythmic communities in which brass instruments also fulfil a percussive roll. The arrangements and own compositions are created by Letieres Leite.

Letieres Leite:
In 1979, Leite studied music at the University of Bahia. In 1987 he studied flute and saxophone at the Franz Schubert Conservatorium in Vienna, Austria, where he was the winner of the competition of music for the carnival 1986 of the "Samba Schulle Rot-Weiss-Rot". In 2003, Leite won best arranger at the Music Festival of Educational Radio. He has accompanied the singer Ivete Sangalo since 1997, as musician and arranger of hits such as “Bug bug bye bye”, “To na rua”, “Empurra empurra”, “Brasileira” and the greatest hit “Festa”. He founded and serves as the Pedagogical Director of AMBAH (Academy of Music of Bahia) in Salvador, Brazil, a school specializing in popular music education.


2008- Live CD & DVD demo

2009- Letieres Leite & Orkestra Rumpilezz

Set List

A Grande Mãe (abertura)
Floresta Azul
Adupé Fafá
O Samba Nasceu na Bahia
A Grande Mãe (saída)