Orko Eloheim

Orko Eloheim

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My music is the audio equivelent of every drug on earth consumed by humanity. best described as anologue nightmares digital cerebralcortex damage & high speed dubbing.


One day in 1983 my mom bought me a walkman and gave it to me. Shen walked out of my beadroom and when she walked back in the walkman was completly deconstructed in order. My mom gave me a an ass whooping and told me to put it back together. I have be facinated with recorded music ever since.


Retna 1994
Micrcrsifiction 1994
Back to the Future 1995
Crop Formations 1996
Doomsday Prophet 1996
Low Cal ep 1996
The Sycotik Alien 1997
Rulze of Thumb 1998
Walkman Terrorist Ep 1998
Dreadlocks Insence & Oils 1999
The Metamorphysis 1999 (unrekeased)
Eloheim Soundwave Scientist 2000
Global Phlowtations - The Neucleus 2000
Sanke Eyez (Rise&Shine) Rawkus
Purple Piegons (Saul Williams) 2000 Sony/American
Megabite (P.E.A.C.E) 2000 Battle Axe
Eyemagedon 2001
Atomz of Eden 2003
NMS Woe to thee o'land... 2003 Ninja Tune
NMS Imperial Letters of Protection 2005 Ninja Tune
The Day Before Armagedon 2006
PostWar Technology 1999 orko + oddesa kane
Forbidden Phsyics 2008 One Cell Records
Left Handed Scientist 2008 orko + berzerkowitz

Instrumental Albums
Avangard Talk 1996
777 Beats v.1
The King of Hell
Chaos is my Friend
Jah Fari War Drum Machine Dub
PostWar Tch inst.
777 Beats Acid Bible

Set List

Last Dayz
Sleepy Hollow
Elecrtical Siesure
Brave New World
Invisable Oblivion
Strike Back
Ha Ha Ha Ha 4x
Forward Transmition
Wack as Fuck
Phsycho Gunpowder
Cyber Games
45min set w/ anchor