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"Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!"

"Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!" were the cheers the students of Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School gave to Orlando Brown of the Disney Channel's "That's So Raven" show. Brown is touring schools in the Valley to promote his new CD "Trade It All".
During his visits he sits down with students and talks to them about how important it is to stay in school and learn.
In talking to Orlando he said, "I want to continue to give back to the community as an entertainer, a mentor, and a role model for all the young people. Being blessed with having the opportunity to be on TV has thrown me in the public eyes of all those young people. I just want to be a positive role model".
Brown sang his new hit single "Trade It All" and had the students dancing in their seats and clapping their hands.
Principal Temako Roque was pleased that Brown and his crew took time to talk to the students and stress the importance of education.
- Arizonia Informant, Phoenix, AZ

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By Kae Shakir

Disney Channel Star, Orlando Brown, “Eddie” on the hit television series “That’s So Raven” visited The Imani School on Friday, March 10, 2006. Brown began his acting career at the age of four. His first motion picture debut was in Major Payne, starring Damon Wayans and also starred as the lovable character, “3J”, on ABC’s Family Matters.

Brown took a small detour from his “Stay In School” Tour to visit the Imani School. Brown arrived at the school and received thunderous applause from the crowd of screaming fans and parents as he raced through the audience giving hi-fives and shaking hands with many of the students. Then Brown took to the Power Center stage and gave a live performance of his new single, Trade It All. After his performance Orlando spoke to the students about his acting and music career. “I could have been anywhere, but God put me in a situation where I have a job that I love that also allows me to help others. It hasn’t always been easy, but with faith, I can do anything, and I want my fans to know they can too,” said Brown.

In his usual humorous, easy-going manner Orlando encouraged students to stay in school, always try their best, and to follow their dream. “Wow! He was just like a person you meet at the store. He was so nice and funny,” said Imani student Shashi Benjamin. “My daughter and I just love him as Eddie on “That’s So Raven” so I am glad that he took time out of his busy schedule to come to Imani and visit with the students,” said Imani parent Mrs. Robinson, who had the pleasure of dancing with Brown on stage during his performance. After the students had a chance to participate in a question and answer dialogue with the star he signed autographs for the entire school. “The students had a wonderful time and Orlando gave a phenomenal performance. He is really talented and has a beautiful spirit,” said the Director of Parent Relations, Rosella Gadison.

Also in attendance were Up One Entertainment record label executives C.E.O Maduro “Fats” Hill, Keith “Sweat” Windfield, and Cory Williams. C.E.O. “Fats” Hill also took time out to talk to some of Imani’s Middle School students about owning his own record label and the importance of making good decisions while you’re young. Hill, having worked with industry legends such as: Russell Simmons, Chuck D, Shirley Cesar, and Al Green, encouraged the students to take advantage of the award winning Fine Arts Program at The Imani School. “Who knows maybe one day you’ll have your own record label too,” he said. Up One Entertainment is one of the first independent labels out of Houston that truly represents Rock, Gospel, Hip-Hop, and R&B.

Brown’s visit to the Imani School was a great way for the students to kick off their Spring Break. During the month of March Brown will be in the Houston area promoting his new single Trade It All and working with his record label on upcoming projects. Charismatic, talented, and funny; Orlando Brown doesn’t have to trade it all, he has it all.

- Houston Insider Magazine


Released Single - "Trade It All"

Album - "Trade It All"(scheduled for release Oct. 2006)



Born on December 4, 1987 to a single mom, Orlando was singing and dancing as soon as he could walk and talk. In fact, he was discovered at a young age while entertaining his mom and her dinner guests with his natural abilities one afternoon. “ I was running through the house acting a fool, performing all of these different songs, and a friend of a friend of my mom’s, who happened to be visiting with him, thought I was really talented. He knew some people, got me an audition for a commercial and the rest is history.” So just like that, Orlando was featured in a Burger King commercial, and has never looked back. He has appeared in over 25 television shows and movies, including “Major Payne” with Damon Wayans and the hit Disney show, “That’s So Raven”.

In addition to his acting credits, Orlando is also a talented singer/songwriter. In fact, he sings part of the “That’s So Raven” theme song. “Music has always been a passion of mine, in fact it was my first love. It serves as an outlet for my emotion, and let’s me work out whatever is going on in my life.” When you ask most young men who their favorite artist is, 50 Cent or Eminem are the first names out of their mouths. While Orlando gives them credit for their talent, he’s more of a Michael Jackson, and Gerald Levert fan. “Taking it back to the old school”, he likes to say. But he is quick to add that Mike Jones is in his CD player right now. He is currently working on a CD project, and hopes to release it soon so he can let his fans in on some of the more emotional aspects of his life.

Every day when Orlando wakes up, he thanks God for the opportunities he has been given. “I could have been anywhere, but God put me in a situation where I have a job that I love that also allows me to help others. It hasn’t always been easy, but with faith, I can do anything, and I want my fans to know they can too.”