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'Agua Pura', Agua Pura, 1982 (Argentine)
‘Los Fundadores del Alma’, Arranger and bassplayer at Perla Aguirre (1990, Argentine)
‘Canciones en Alpargatas’, Orlando Mino (1990, Argentina)
‘Son de los Diablos’ Orlando Mino (2004, Paris, France, Alpha Records)
‘A los Amigos del Alma’ Orlando Mino (2005, The Netherlands)
‘Tango’, ‘Los Taitas’ with Hernan Ruiz (director, guitar), Juan Otero (guitarron), Dario Polonaro (bandoneon), Orlando Mino (vocals) (2005, The Netherlands)



Orlando Miño, 1957, was born in the province of Entre Ríos, Argentina.

He is a wellknown troubadour, composer and singer in his homecountry and plays various (traditional) instruments for example; guitar, “charango”, “bombo”, “cajon” and he is an authorithy when it comes to interpreting Argentinian music, especially South American folk music and tango.

Since his profesional debut in 1980 he has been developing an active musical career as a singer and player of traditional instruments with well known Argentinian artists and bands like Inkari, Agua Pura (winner of the “Cosquin Festival” in 1983, the most important festival of traditional music in South America), Cuarteto de los Andes, Los Laicas, Ica Novo, Antonio Tarrago Ross, Ariel Ramírez, Raul Carnota. He also participated as an arranger and bassplayer on Perla Aguirre’s album “Los Fundadores del Alma”.

At age 20 he started to compose music for his band “Agua Pura”. Nowadays with over a 100 themes composed, virtuose interpreters of Southamerican traditional music like Julio Lacarra, Grupo Vocal Santaires, Monica Abraham and Claudio Sosa, amongst others recorded and interpreted his music. In 1990 in Argentina, he recorded a few of these themes on the CD ‘Canciones en Alpargatas’.

In 1991 he worked as a teacher at the National School of Dance in Buenos Aires where he taught Argentinian traditional rhythms.

In the Netherlands he worked together with Gabriel Aguilera and Lincoln Almada for the concert serie ‘Cuerdas Latinoamericanas’. With different choirs he participated as a “Charango” player for the “Misa Criolla” of Ariel Ramirez and as a percusionist at the European tour of Gustavo Toker and for the program “Suite para Violeta” of Winanda van Vliet. He sings in various tango ensembles such as ‘Las Guitarras del Plata’and ‘Los Taitas’ with Hernan Ruiz (guitar), Marco di Paolo (guitarrón) and Santiago Cimadevilla (bandoneón). And did the vocals part for ‘Noche de Rondo’directed by Jaime Rodríguez and ‘Meer dan Tango’ (Not only Tango red.), directed by Juan Pablo Dobal (piano).

His actual band ‘Sur Mestizo’ reflects the essence of Latinamerican, Indigenous and African music. The traditional Southamerican themes they interprete are of a such a diversity due to the ability of him and his bandmembers to play a wide range of instruments such as tarkas, quenas, cajon peruano, bombo, flautas, guitarras, charango, bassguitar and vocals. Bandmembers: Macarena Pizarro (cajón peruano and vocals), Alejandro Arrate (bassplayer), Renato Freygang (quena and sikus) and percussion, Alvaro Pinto (guitar, charango).

It is a special experience to listen to their music which can be described as pure and simple and combines traditional rhythms. ‘Pluma en el Cielo’, ‘A los Amigos del Alma’,‘Guri’, ‘Chacarera de las Preguntas’ are themes which show the point of view of the sensitive man of the province towards love and life; in a clear and direct way.

During the presentation of the film about Joaquin Sabina, ‘19 Dias and 500 Noches’ of Dutch director Ramon Gieling on the 13th of May 2008 in cinema ‘Het Ketelhuis’, Amsterdam, Orlando Mino, is invited as special guest and will perform and interprete songs from his latest CD ‘A los Amigos del Alma’.


Orlando Miño es compositor, cantante e instrumentista. Comenzó su carrera profesional en 1980, integrando grupos folklóricos tales como; ¨Inkari¨, ¨Agua Pura¨, ¨Los Laicas¨ y mas tarde acompañando a cantantes; Perla Aguirre, Irupé Tarrago Ross, Horacio De Tomazo, o como músico invitado en el Cuarteto Los andes.

Como autor y compositor tiene obras como; ¨Pa´ mi gurí¨, Aprendiz de mensajero¨, ¨De sapos y princesas¨, ¨Pistola y el Carlos¨ y ¨A los amigos del alma¨ entre otros. Varias de sus canciones han sido grabadas por artistas como Julio Lacarra, Claudio Sosa, Santaires, Mónica Abrahan.

Reside desde el año 1993 en Holanda, donde trabaja difundiendo la música argentina en trío que integra ju