Crest Hill, Illinois, USA

Orleanna is a five-piece band from the south suburbs of Chicago. They've been playing together for about 7 months and have already written a full-length album worth of songs! After being busy in the studio for a few months, Orleanna is ready to start dominating the local music scene and brining you music that you can love.


Orleanna is a female-fronted 5 piece from the Chicagoland area eager to make a difference to the dying and fluctuating music scene. Bogged down by the cookie-cutter mentality of the local music scene, members of Orleanna (Jordan Dean-Vocals, Johnny Russel- Guitar, Hector Ruiz-Keyboard/Screams, Dan Lehr-Bass, and Corey Gabor- Drums) joined together in the fall of 2010 to create something unique and meaningful to themselves. Orleanna has written a full length worth of songs, while also recently releasing their first E.P., “The Wonderstate.” Though there music ranges from funk-rock to straight pop-core, Decoymusic.com commented on the band after seeing them among the top competitors in the Van’s Warped Tour Ernie Ball: Battle of the Band’s 2011 by commenting:

"Orleanna play a piano-laden, melodic sort of post-hardcore, like Clair de Lune covering Straylight Run. And, they feature yet another talented female lead vocalist in Jordan Dean."- Decoymusic.com 4/11/11

Orleanna have been playing shows around the Chicagoland area for a few months now and will continue to do so in the coming months as the band looks to expand their range and record their second E.P. in the months to come.


Orleanna- The Wonderstate -EP Release May 13th