New York City, New York, USA

Australian singer, ORLY has been exciting audiences all over the world, with her own sophisticated brand of neo-soul. With her sweet, dark rich beautiful voice, more than most young artists, ORLY is able to let a song slow burn it's way into your mind..


“Heartfelt lyrics, strong vocal ability, and an effortless clarity of voice set her place amongst a select few in the forefront of the independent and unsigned singers currently working hard around the globe”. -Richard 'Ricardito' Ashie, www.bluesandsoul.com

Capturing the essence of Soul, Jazz and Pop, ORLY has been winning fans across the world. Her compelling voice, true-to-life lyrics, and profound passion for music, come together in songs, impressing musicians and audiences alike.

With musical training in both Australia and the USA, ORLY has performed at many events and festivals in North America, Australia and Europe.

Currently living in Manhattan, ORLY is taking on the city, with regular appearances at some of New York's most popular venues.

ORLY's "Sit Back" was featured on UK compilation "Contemporary Soul Songbook, vol 2" and has received fantastic reviews within the European music community (see http://www.soultracks.com/various-artists-the-contemporary-soul-songbook-vol-2-review for an example).

With more performances and new material in the pipeline, you'll want to know what she's up to. "Distraction," ORLY's debut full-length album is due for release in the spring, 2012.

Check out www.orlysings.com for music samples, photos and the latest Orly news.


"Distraction" to be released March, 2012

ORLY (EP) released June, 2009

Orly also appears as guest vocalist and background vocalist on several recordings.

"Sit Back" featured on "Contemporary Soul Songbook, vol 2"

Set List

Orly's original material, impressively combines her long-standing love of soul music with the influences of her early jazz career.